Cavarly Museum

The Cavalry Museum is located in Lappeenranta’s oldest building from 1772, a Russian military guardhouse at the southern tip of the Fortress. A museum since 1973, the stone building was renovated in 2018–2019, with its walls now displaying many layers of the building’s previous history.

The Cavalry Museum’s exhibition "From Hakkapeliittas to Red Riding Trousers – Cavalry Life through the Centuries" introduces visitors to the evolution of the Finnish cavalry from the 16th century to the present day. Narratives play a significant role in the exhibition. On display, you will see articles relating to the cavalry from times of war and peace, not forgetting the cavalryman’s best friend, the horse. The Cavalry Museum offers a fascinating and informative museum experience, detailing the chapters in the history of the Finnish cavalry. At the exhibition, you will also learn why Lappeenranta is a cavalry city.

The Cavalry Museum has a museum shop in the premises where you can get unique products made based on the artefacts in the museum collections. The shop is open within the museum’s opening hours.


Kristiinankatu 2
53900 Lappeenranta
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keskiviikko–lauantai 11.00-17.00 


maanantai–perjantai 10.00-18.00 
lauantai–sunnuntai 11.00-17.00 


keskiviikko–lauantai 11.00-17.00 

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