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Address numbering, street and road names Allotment rental Animal shelter services Animal welfare Applying for a secondary school place Applying for further studies after basic education Approval for a household water supplier and wholesaler Approval of by-product plants Approval of food premises to establishment Archaeological heritage work by the Museums of Lappeenranta Artificial ice tracks Assistance services and aids for basic education pupils Ball sports halls Basic education Beaches and ice swimming holes Book talk Booking a ship inspection Boundary demonstration Building permit surveying Built heritage Campsite notification Charging your devices Children’s Parliament Completion of compulsory basic education Completion of compulsory education at home Copying services Customer computers Demarcation in a detailed plan area Digital support Digitisation Disc golf courses Early childhood education that supplements pre-primary education Easement proceedings in a detailed plan area Enhanced support in basic education Environmental permit Extended compulsory education Finnish as a second language instruction in early childhood education and pre-primary education Finnish or Swedish as a second language in basic education Finnish or Swedish as a second language in general upper secondary schools Fitness trails Flexible basic education Food contact material field operator's notification of premises and operations General upper secondary education Guidance counselling in basic education Guidance counselling in general upper secondary education Gyms Hobby grants How to apply for the English-language class in basic education How to apply for the music class starting from the 3rd grade Ice skating areas and rinks Ice stadiums Individualised syllabus in basic education Influencing the detailed shore planning process Influencing the local detailed planning process Influencing the local master planning process Information and advisory services for young people Information desk Information services Initial assessment pursuant to the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration Instruction not bound to grades Instruction of native languages Instruction preparing for basic education Instruction preparing immigrants for basic education Integration plan pursuant to the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration Interlibrary loans Joint application procedure for post-basic education Land extraction permit and notification Languages offered in general upper secondary education Library home delivery service Licence for retailing tobacco products and nicotine-containing liquids and wholesale notification Map material and geospatial datasets sales service Matriculation examination Meals in day-care centres, pre-primary education, basic education and upper secondary schools Morning and afternoon activities in basic education Multilingual guidance and counselling service Momentti Municipal early childhood education at daycare centres Municipal early childhood education in family daycare Museum services Museums of Lappeenranta collection services Muukko motor sports and shooting centre Myllysaari family park Neighbourhood sports sites Noise notification Notification for keeping animals Notification in accordance with the Public Health Act Notification of a land lease invoicing information change Notification of a manure heap Notification of experimental activities in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act Notification of food-related activities Notification of primary production premises Notification of suspected food poisoning Notification of suspected health hazard Notification of the amount of by-products used as carrions Notification of the location of animal keeping Notification of the supply or use of household water in the water distribution zone Notification of wild oats Notification to a waste management register of professional waste collection Objection about the operations of early childhood education Ohjaamo group activities Open daycare centre Ordering an inspection of an area free of wild oats Organising an event at Lappeenranta libraries Other field surveying and mapping services Other grass and artificial turf fields Outreach youth work Parcelling of a plot in a detailed plan area Part-time special-needs education Permit in accordance with the Act on Cross-country Traffic Permit in accordance with the Water Traffic Act Planning requirement decision or deviation decision Play club Plot subdivision Pre-primary education Pre-primary education pupil welfare Private family daycare Private road allowances, the city as a member of a road maintenance association Property formation in a detailed plan area Pupil welfare services in basic education Regional work by The Museums of Lappeenranta Registering activities in the environmental protection information system Registration of a carrion feeding site Registration of by-product plants Religion and worldview studies Religion and worldview studies in general upper secondary education Renting or buying vacant plots from the city Report of an exceptional situation in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act Retail sales licence for nicotine products Russian-speaking special-needs teacher in early childhood education Sale of firewood Sand fields School enrolment School gyms School transport Self-service hours Separate examination in basic education Service guidance for early childhood education Service voucher for private daycare centres Skate and pump track Ski trails Special early childhood education coordinator Special teaching arrangements Special-needs education and special-needs support in basic education Special-needs education in general upper secondary education Special-needs teachers in early childhood education Sports centres Starting basic education one year earlier than enacted Starting basic education one year later than enacted Student welfare in general upper secondary education Studying a voluntary foreign language in basic education Support for growth and learning in pre-primary education Support in growth and learning in early childhood education Support measures for learning in basic education Swimming halls Tennis and padel courts The Finnish Model for Leisure Activities – Myö harrastetaa lähel Lappeenrannassa The Museums of Lappeenranta picture archive The Youth Council Tours and group visits to the library Traffic control device on a private road Water-borne epidemic notification Weighted-curriculum education Wireless Internet