Self-service hours

Self-service libraries are available when the staff is not present. A self-service library has technology installed that allows you to use the library with a library card and PIN code. The access right is personal.


During the self-service hours, it is possible to return and borrow materials, read magazines and newspapers and use the facilities and computers. Printing and copying are not possible. The user must have a library card and a PIN code. In cases of improper use, the access right to the self-service library can be removed.


You can obtain a library card and PIN code at any library during the service hours. Prepare to prove your identity with a photo ID.

In order to access the library during self-service hours, proceed as follows:

  • Show your library card to the card reader at the front door and enter your PIN code on the reader.
  • The electric lock opens the front door automatically.
  • Some libraries are accessed via a lobby, in which case you need to show your library card and enter the PIN code again.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.