Land extraction permit and notification

Apply for the land extraction permit in writing using the form meant for it.

The application must contain the following attachments:

  1. a report on the right of ownership or possession of the area
  2. an extraction plan (description of the current state of the area and the extraction activities, environmental effects and environmental protection measures, landscaping and after-care of the area and map segment)
  3. map drawings
  4. report on the consultation of neighbours (form)
  5. report on road connections and rights
  6. groundwater information

Submit the application for a land extraction permit and its appendices electronically to the Lappeenranta region’s environmental services.

The extraction of soil also requires an environmental permit in the following cases:

• stone quarry or other stone quarrying not related to construction activities where the mineral aggregate is processed for at least 50 days;

• crushing plant or a mobile crushing station located in a specific area with a total operating time of at least 50 days per year.

You need to apply for an environmental permit even for minor activities if the activities take place in an important groundwater area or other groundwater area that is suitable for water supply and the activities pose a risk of groundwater pollution.


If a trader has established their business in another country within the European Economic Area and intends to provide their services temporarily in Finland, the trader is subject to the same obligations as all other traders established in Finland.


Apply for the land extraction permit in sufficient time, before commencing operations. Land extraction permits are processed for at least three months for the part of public announcements, statements and the permit committee.

Apply for a permit under the Land Extraction Act for the extraction of land materials for removal transport, on-site storage and processing. Apply for a permit in writing from the municipal environmental protection authority.

Attach an extraction plan to your permit application, which contains details on the extraction of land materials and the management of the environment.

Payment information

The fee for the land extraction permit depends on the approved rates of the Lappeenranta region’s environmental protection authority.

Period of validity

A land extraction permit is granted for a fixed period, usually for a maximum of ten years.

Service background and legislation

A permit in accordance with the Land Extraction Act is required for the extraction of land materials, i.e. rock, gravel, sand, clay and soil for removal transport, on-site storage or processing.

If the extraction of land material in the same operating area involves simultaneous rock extraction and a stone crushing plant, an environmental permit is usually required in addition to the land materials permit. You can apply for permits with one permit application, in which case the applications are processed together and decided on with one decision.

If other environment-related permits are required for a project in addition to the land materials permit, the applicant may request coordination of the permit procedures from the permit authority, in which case the processing stages of the different permit procedures will be synchronised.

The holder of a land extraction permit shall submit an annual notification of the quantity and nature of the land materials extracted. The notification usually submitted via an electronic notification form.