Beaches and ice swimming holes

The City of Lappeenranta’s Sports Department manages 20 beaches around the Lappeenranta region in summer. The Sports Department is responsible for maintenance, i.e. cleaning, waste management and toilet facilities at public beaches. The Lappeenranta Region Environment Department is responsible for monitoring water quality in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The details of the public beaches, ice swimming holes and any services are indicated on their pages.

Public beaches in Lappeenranta:

  • Ahvenlampi beach, Lake Ahvenlampi
  • Kivisalmi beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Korkkitehdas beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Kuusimäki beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Lohonjärvi beach, Lake Lohonjärvi
  • Mattila beach, Mattila artificial pond
  • Murheistenranta beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Rauha beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Myllysaari beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Sammonlahti beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Sappula beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Tyysterniemi beach, Lake Saimaa
  • Voisalmi beach, Lake Saimaa

Village beaches, which are managed by the village communities, are intended for the use of the village communities. Their water quality is monitored as needed.

Lappeenranta village beaches:

  • Haapajärvi swimming place, artificial pond, Vainikkalantie 771
  • Hinkanranta beach, Lake Saimaa, Rantatie 540
  • Hytti, Lake Hyvikkää, Hytintie 42, Hytintie 42
  • Kasukkala, Lake Mahalainen, Järvimäentie 61
  • Korkea-aho, Lake Ala-Kyynelmys, Sysmäentie 65
  • Moisio, Lake Suuri-Pyhäkala, Pyhäkalantie 81
  • Rapattila, Lake Kärkjärvi, Rapattilantie 527
  • Räihä, Nuijamaa, Lake Nuijamaanjärvi, Rättiläntie 23
  • Simola, Lake Ruokonen, Kälveläntie 87
  • Vainikkala, Lake Niemijärvi, Riitelänkuja 15

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