Charging your devices

Smartphones, tablets and laptops can be charged for free at libraries.

If you do not have your own charger with you, you can borrow a charging kit for phones and tablets that includes a charger and the most common connection cables.

Mobile phone charging kits can be borrowed at the main library and the local libraries in Joutseno, Lauritsala and Sammonlahti. The charging kits are stored at the service desk. They cannot be taken home.

In the main library, you can charge your own devices in a lockable charging cabinet. The charging compartments in the cabinet are large enough for laptops. The compartments have an electrical outlet, but no charger or charging cables. Preferably use your device’s own charger for charging.


Use of the charging cabinet

Place the device in a free compartment for charging. When the compartment is unlocked, change the lock code by placing the dials in the desired position. Memorise the number code. Close and lock the door and place the dials in a different position. When you pick up your device, leave the door open so the next customer can use the compartment.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.