Permanent exhibitions

The Museums of Lappeenranta’s permanent exhibitions are located in the South Karelia Museum, the Cavalry Museum and the Wolkoff House Museum.

The South Karelia Museum presents the history of South Karelia and the ceded regions. The new permanent exhibition, the Story of South Karelia, will be organised in the eastern exhibition hall in stages. The first section of the new exhibition opened was a conserved scale model of Viipuri, along with the exhibition section related to the history of Viipuri. The new exhibition also allows visitors to take a look inside the famous kiosk in Lappeenranta’s Old Park or ‘Kissing Park’.

The Cavalry Museum tells about the history of Finnish cavalry and Lappeenranta as a cavalry town. The exhibition presents the history of Finnish cavalry and the associated artefacts, stories and cavalry horses in a wide and varied way.

The Wolkoff House Museum provides a view into the life of the Wolkoff merchant family. During Christmas and Easter, the museum is decorated according to Orthodox traditions.

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