Digital support

The media instructor at Lappeenranta City Library advises customers on the use of computers, smart devices and electronic services. The media instructor is available at the main library on weekdays. Digital support is personal guidance. If necessary, it is also possible to agree on group guidance on a specific topic.


A personal appointment can be booked for digital support at the information desk of Lappeenranta’s main library.

Service background and legislation

Digital support providers can provide guidance and help on the use of a computer, mobile phone, tablet computer or other mobile device as well as on the use of electronic services. The support can include courses on the use of devices or services, guidance events or one-on-one help. The digital support provider determines what kind of help it will provide and how they will provide it. Digital support is provided on a case-by-case basis on the customer’s own device or on the digital support provider’s device. You can contact digital support providers online, by phone or by visiting their service point.

A support provider can give guidance on how to use digital services, how to find services and on the basic use of devices. Digital support does not usually include the repair of faulty devices. The person providing support cannot use a service on your behalf or handle, for example, the banking or other codes needed for using the service. Do not give your banking or other codes to the person assisting you.

Support can be provided, for example, by customer service points, joint service points, adult colleges and adult education centres, libraries, peer group guides, associations, organisations or companies. Digital support may also be referred to as digital guidance or digital services guidance.