The South Karelia Museum collection

The South Karelia Museum collection is the oldest and largest of the museum’s artefact collections. The collection has been built since the beginning of the museum. Started in 1911, the collection includes the museum’s earlier Town Museum of Lappeenranta collection, a later collection of artefacts built at the South Karelia Museum and also the artefacts of the Käkisalmi Town Museum that were moved to Lappeenranta in the 1960s.

The collection is built actively. It includes more than 17,000 items from 18th–19th-century cannonballs, coffins and snuffboxes to contemporary everyday South Karelian industrial artefacts.

Explore the South Karelia Museum’s digitised collections at Finna.

The digitised map collection by Aarno Piltz (1922–1986) is available on the Doria online service maintained by the National Library of Finland.