Part-time special-needs education

Each school has a special-needs teacher who provides part-time special-needs education. The objective of part-time special-needs education is to strengthen the prerequisites for learning and to prevent difficulties in learning and school attendance. All pupils are entitled to part-time special-needs education. The special-needs teacher can work with the pupil either individually or in a group. They may also work in the classroom with the class teacher or subject teacher in team-teaching.

If your child needs part-time special-needs education on a regular basis or for a longer period of time, the organisation of enhanced support is commenced and an education plan is drawn up. The objectives and support measures that are related to learning as well as the content of part-time special-needs education are recorded in the education plan. Part-time special-needs education is planned and its effects are assessed and monitored in cooperation between the pupil, their guardian and the necessary teachers.

Together with other teachers, the special-needs teacher will map and gather information on pupils’ learning skills and progress in their studies. The teacher will get acquainted with the new pupils in good time with the other teachers so that the individual needs of each pupil can be taken into account as well as possible.

Pupils who receive special-needs education or who attend instruction preparing for basic education may also receive part-time special-needs education to support their learning.

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Part-time special needs teaching may be given to pupils who have difficulties with such areas as linguistic or mathematical skills. The difficulties may also be associated with individual subjects, study skills, social skills or study motivation.


The best way to get information on part-time special-needs education is to contact your school’s special-needs teacher via Wilma.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

Service background and legislation

Basic education pupils who have difficulties with their learning or school attendance are entitled to part-time special needs teaching in connection with other instruction.

Part-time special needs teaching is provided in connection with other instruction either simultaneously with other teaching, for small groups or as individual instruction. The municipality ensures that the schools have access to the required expertise in special pedagogy.