Collection services

Looking for advice on how to preserve and care for old artefacts, photographs or works of art? Would you like to know more about our collections? Are you thinking about donating a precious artefact to the museum?

The Museums of Lappeenranta's collections management includes the acquisition, study, care and presentation of the artefacts, photographs and art in the collections. Our collection staff provides advice on how to preserve and care for old artefacts, photographs and works of art. Advice is free of charge, provided that it does not require more extensive research. Our conservator can carry out small textile conservation washes for a fee. You can also ask us about topics related to the content of our collections or get advice if you are considering donating material of cultural or art-historical value to the museum.

The museum acquires in its cultural-historical collection material that is characteristic of the museum’s field of operation. Besides the region of South Karelia, the museum records the cultural heritage of the Karelian Isthmus before 1944, from Terijoki to Jaakkima. The museum’s artefact collection is built carefully. The background information of each individual artefact is an important part of its history. Information related to the artefact increases its museum value. Due to the limited storage space, the museum aims to acquire in the collection only artefacts with a known context. An artefact with a known history of manufacture and use can also be used in research and exhibitions more diversely.

Use the service


If you have an artefact, photograph or work of art that you believe would suit our museum collection, the best way to approach us is to send an email or call. Our collection managers will then determine whether we have a such artefact in our collections and if it meets our collection policy criteria. Donating artefacts or other items to us means transferring their full ownership to Lappeenranta Museums.

The museum does not make estimates of the monetary value of works of art or artefacts.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

More extensive information retrieval, advice and conservation wash services are subject to a fee.

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