City Strategy

Sustainable Success Stories

The vision of Lappeenranta City's strategy, extending to 2037, is "Sustainable Success Stories."

What do sustainable success stories mean to us?

  • Lappeenranta offers lifelong opportunities for success to its residents.
  • As Finland's climate capital, Lappeenranta aims to create sustainable success stories together with the region's residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.
  • As an international university city, Lappeenranta provides diverse opportunities for self-development and the realization of dreams.
  • Business-friendly Lappeenranta grows boldly and offers business and research-based solutions to global challenges.
  • Family-friendly Lappeenranta provides families with the elements of smooth everyday life: diverse sports and leisure activities, as well as arenas for joint activities for residents, tourists, and businesses alike.
  • As the center of tourism in Lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta is easy to reach from near and far. Lappeenranta offers sustainable experiences for people of all ages.
  • Lappeenranta acts as a pioneer and trailblazer for the entire southeastern Finland.

The values guiding the city's activities towards the set goal in the vision are: Bravely, Together, and with eyes on the future.


We act bravely as the active central city, trailblazer, and pioneer of Southeastern Finland. We embrace new initiatives, develop our methods and expertise boldly and customer-orientedly. We actively seek solutions and learn from mistakes.


We develop a prosperous and vibrant city together with the staff, residents, businesses, educational institutions, third sector, and other stakeholders. We listen, discuss, and are open to new ideas and cooperation thoughts. Our preparation, decision-making, and communication are open, participatory, and trust-inspiring. Everyone is valuable, and by working together, we achieve more.

With eyes on the future

We are curious. We look responsibly ahead. We prepare for local and global changes, as well as the changing scope of the city's responsibilities and future economic challenges.