Service voucher for private daycare centres

The City of Lappeenranta makes use of an early childhood education service voucher that can be used in private daycare centres accepted at service-voucher daycare centres. The activities of the service-voucher daycare centres are governed by the same acts, decrees and regulations as the municipality’s own early childhood education activities. The city monitors the service-voucher daycare centres.

At the moment, there are seven private daycare centres in Lappeenranta that provide services with service vouchers:

– Daycare Centre Omenapuu (Christian day care centre) – Steinerpäiväkoti Tontuntupa – Daycare Centre Tirikka – Touhula Tirilä – Touhula Lappeenranta Campus – Pilke Kuutti – Pilke Norppa


A service voucher can be granted to a resident of the City of Lappeenranta who would also be entitled to early childhood education services in municipal early childhood education provided by the City of Lappeenranta. The service voucher applicant must be registered in Lappeenranta or the child must have at least a temporary address in Lappeenranta.


How to apply for a service voucher:

  1. Agree on a daycare place with a daycare centre that accepts service vouchers.
  2. After your daycare place has been confirmed, sign a written service agreement on your child’s early childhood education with the service-voucher daycare centre.
  3. Apply for a service voucher through the eDaisy service of the City of Lappeenranta with the service voucher application.
  4. You can submit your income statement for the determination of the service voucher value when you submit the service voucher application. Please attach income documents and any additional information. Alternatively, you can choose to pay the maximum fee, so you do not need to submit income documents. If the income documents are not submitted by the end of the first month of attendance or are incomplete, the maximum fee is charged for the child.
  5. After you receive a decision regarding the value of your service voucher, you and the head of the day care centre need to fill in the page of the service agreement stating the client’s co-payment.
  6. Remember to report changes through the eDaisy service when
  • the family’s income changes significantly, for example due to losing or finding employment or changing jobs
  • there is a change in family relationships, such as a new family member
  • the child’s custody changes

If the service voucher is incorrect, please contact the early childhood education client fee team.

Remember to report a change in the child’s early childhood education hours by using the change form found in eDaisy.

Notify the private day care centre coordinator when

  • the child’s day care attendance ends
  • you move to another municipality – the City of Lappeenranta only provides service vouchers for children who live in Lappeenranta.

You will receive a decision on the daycare place at the service-voucher daycare centre once the application has been processed. In addition, you will receive a decision on the value of the service voucher once you have provided your income information.

More information is available from the private day care centre coordinator and from the early childhood education client fee team as regards the co-payment amount of the service voucher.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

The service voucher is income-related and the monthly co-payment paid by the family to the private daycare centre equals the client fee the family would pay for municipal early childhood education. The family’s income affects the co-payment amount and service voucher amount. The service voucher cannot be granted to a family that already receives private day care allowance or child home care allowance.

Service voucher

Service background and legislation