Wintersports information

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Information about wintersports in Lappeenranta


Winterharbour events 

These  fu events on  Saturdays  offer activities for all ages
Check the program here

Crosscountry skiing

25 skitrails to be used for free around the city:
Skitrails -click Service location

Up to date maintenance of the skitrails and trailmaps:
Ice rink and ski trail maintenance

Ski equipment 
To be sold in local sportshops and big supermarkets
Second hand from for instance Kontti or tori.fi
For renting  Drakkar sport

Skiwaxing by the airport trail parkingslace Lappeeen riento skicottage 
Skischools for children Lappeen riento ski course for children
Skischool for adults Lappeenranta Sport Department skischool for beginners

Snowshoe walking

Snow shoes to borrow withour costs from the city library. Search on the website under "lumikengät"  

Snow shoe rental and hiking   Saimaan palju rental  Retki Saimaa rental

Snow shoe try outs   Lappeenranta Sports Department Snow shoe try out

Ice skating

28 public icerinks around the city  to be used for free:
Icerinks to be found under service location

To be sold in local sportshops and big supermarkets
Second hand from for instance Kontti or tori.fi
Skates for short time use  to borrow from the Sports Department (mostly adult sizes). Contact: stina.tevajarvi@lappeenranta.fi

Arctic   swimming

14 ice whole places around the city  Ice whole places under the text service location

Myllysaari sauna 

Public sauna open all year roud
Read more here

New! Now the Myllysaari sauna is open also on weekends
 The sauna’s weekend program has only been released for February so far, to incorporate visitors' ideas and wishes throughout the spring.
The program for February weekends includes family sauna sessions and separate sessions for men and women.
In addition to exercise classes, visitors can also enjoy winter swimming (avanto) and sauna sessions, as well as peat treatments and massages, which require separate registration.
The sauna costs 10 euros per session for adults, and exercise classes and treatments are paid for separately.
The sauna can also be booked for private use. 
More details in Finnish