Adapted physical activity

Adapted physical activity groups are aimed at municipal residents who have difficulties participating in commonly available exercise forms due to disability, illness, other weakened functional capacity or social situation. In these situations, physical activity requires adaptation and special expertise. In Lappeenranta, adapted physical activity is organised by the sports services, sports clubs and organisations for people with disabilities. Come along!

The criteria for issuing a swimming and gym card for special groups can be found on the page Swimming and gym card for special groups. (link here)

Adapted exercise counselling

Lappeenranta offers adapted exercise counselling. Adapted exercise counselling is free of charge and aimed at municipal residents who exercise little or not at all and whose exercise requires adaptation. In adapted exercise counselling, the special sports instructor acts as the exercise counsellor. Contact her by phone on +358 400 157 514 or email at jenni.lehti@lappeenranta.fi.
More information on exercise counselling is available on the Exercise counselling page


Trying out different sports within adapted physical activity


Sports fair

The sports fair is aimed at children in primary school who need special support. The sports fair is organised in cooperation with Lappeenranta-based sports clubs, and there is a separate sport for each month, which you can try out every week. Participation fee €10/child/month. 

Adapted family climbing

The events are aimed at families with a comprehensive school-age child or young person who needs special support. The entire family is welcome to the event. Participation fee €5/child and €10/adult.



Adapted physical activity groups

Season fees:
Adapted swimming for children €77/season
Special family circus €55/1st child, €33/2nd child, €33/3rd child,
Wheelchair dance and seated volleyball €48.50/season
Other groups €33/season

Note! In addition to the guidance fee, participants in water aerobics groups and gym groups in swimming halls must pay the swimming or gym fee, unless they have a valid swimming and gym card for special groups.

More information on the groups can be found on the Class descriptions for adapted physical activity page
You can ask the special sports instructor about free group places: tel. +358 400 157 514 or jenni.lehti@lappeenranta.fi.


Groups for children and young people

Children and young people are offered, for example, adapted music exercise, adapted swimming and special family circus.


Groups for young people and adults

For young people and adults, there are, for example, gym and circuit training groups for people with intellectual disabilities, adapted gym and circuit training groups and circuit training for the mental health group.

Water aerobics for the mental health group and adapted water aerobics are organised at the Lauritsala swimming hall, while water aerobics for people with intellectual disabilities is organised at the Lappeenranta swimming hall.

The adapted physical activity ball game groups offer, for example, adapted bowling, adapted badminton, seated volleyball, adapted floorball for young people and special hockey.

In addition, adapted body maintenance, adapted musical exercise and wheelchair dance are offered in the weekly adapted physical activity groups.

Additional information on adapted physical activity: Jenni Lehti, tel. +358 400 157 514 or jenni.lehti(at)lappeenranta.fi



Adapted physical activity groups organised by clubs

Budoseura Kamiza – adapted judo

Lappeenrannan Urheilu-Miehet – Sisujengi, athletics

Lappeenrannan Vammaiskeilailu – adapted bowling

Respeite Capoeira – Tähtiryhmä

Saimaan Säilät – wheelchair fencing

SaiPa Salibandy – adapted floorball


Do you want to find a sports hobby with Valtti?

The aim of the Valtti programme, coordinated by the Finnish Paralympic Committee, is to find a sports hobby for children and young people aged 6–23 who require special support. In Lappeenranta, Valtti activities are carried out in cooperation between the sports services and the LAB University of Applied Sciences’ Motiivi Hyvinvointipalvelut. In Valtti activities, a personal instructor, Valtti, accompanies the child or young person to the new hobby. The Valtti looks for opportunities for the child or young person to try out exercise forms and accompanies them to the activity, acting as a supporter and friend. Motiivi’s physiotherapy students act as Valttis. In Lappeenranta, you can register for Valtti activities throughout the year. The Valtti coordinator chooses a Valtti as a guide to the hobby for the child or young person. The Valtti contacts the family to tell them about hobby opportunities. The number of appointments may vary from 3 to 5. As a rule, Valtti activities are carried out during the autumn and spring terms. The timing of trying out new hobbies is affected by the dates of the practical training of the Motiivi students.

More information about Valtti activities in Lappeenranta:
special sports instructor Jenni Lehti, tel. +358 400 157 514, jenni.lehti(at)lappeenranta.fi

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