Municipal early childhood education at daycare centres

Daycare centres provide full-time and part-time early childhood education for children under school age. The children’s age and development are taken into account when forming groups of children.

The daycare centres follow the early childhood education plan of Lappeenranta. In early childhood education, the child’s development and learning are supported in accordance with the child’s needs. It is important for the child that the support forms a coherent continuum during early childhood education and when the child moves on to pre-primary education. The daycare centres also provide special early childhood education when the child needs more support measures than usual.

In addition to 14 municipal daycare centres, Lappeenranta has 7 private daycare centres from which the city purchases services. The daycare centres are usually open from 6.30 to 17.00 and, if necessary, from 6.00 to 17.30. We ask guardians for proof of shift work when applying for an early childhood education place.

Round-the-clock care is provided at Kelttu Daycare Centre. Shift care is provided at Joutseno Daycare Centre, Hovinpelto Daycare Centre and at the Skinnarila location of Sammontalo Daycare Centre.

The daycare centres are located in four early childhood education areas. Private daycare centres in the area in question are indicated in brackets.

  • Joutseno - Lauritsala: Joutseno, Pulp, Hovinpelto, Lauritsala and Pontus (Pilke Kuutti)
  • Kesämäki: Kesämäki, Rakuunamäki and Voisalmi
  • Kimpinen: Kelttu, Myllymäki and Peltola (Daycare Centre Tirikka, Touhula Tirilä and Daycare Centre Omenapuu)
  • Sammonlahti: Kourula, Lappee and Sammontalo (Pilke Norppa, Steinerpäiväkoti Tontuntupa and Touhula Lappeenranta Campus)


Apply for an early childhood education place by using the early childhood education online services of the City of Lappeenranta at least four months before your child needs an early childhood education place. If you need an early childhood education place due to sudden access to employment, studies or training, apply for an early childhood education place as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before the need for an early childhood education place. Submit a separate application for each child in need of an early childhood education place. If you wish, a notification of successful submittal of an application can be sent to your email address.

More information is available from the head of the early childhood education unit and service guidance for early childhood education.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

Client fees depend on the size and income of the family and the needed early childhood education hours.