Practical training or work trial at the youth services

Are you interested in practical training or work trial at Lappeenranta youth services or Ohjaamo?

At the youth services, we provide practical training positions for students in the field and work trial positions for those interested in youth work. The practical training can take place at youth centres, in outreach youth work or at Ohjaamo. 

Practical training at the youth services

For practical training, we primarily accept students of social work, community pedagogy or youth work. Where possible, we also accept students from other fields. You can complete a practical training or an on-the-job learning period at different locations of youth services. Through the training, you will gain good experience and professional guidance.

Work trial at the youth services

We are also happy to provide work trial opportunities in youth work. First, check with the TE Office whether you can start a work trial.

You can find out more about the practices and regulations of work trial positions on the TE Services website.

Apply for a practical training or work trial position

For more information on practical training/work trial, please contact