Health-promoting exercise

Guided exercise

The Lappeenranta Sports Services’ physical activity promotion unit offers municipal residents versatile and high-quality sports services throughout the year. The objective is to increase the amount of exercise by the residents and to offer physical activities that promote and maintain health.

Health-promoting exercise groups directed by sports instructors are low-threshold exercise groups aimed at city residents of all ages.

The main objective of our groups is to increase the amount of exercise by the residents and to offer physical activities that promote and maintain health.

You are welcome to join our happy group!


Registration for groups

You can enquire about available places and register for groups by calling the sports instructors.

Telephone numbers of sports instructors. 

Note: some groups, such as wristband water aerobics, do not require prior registration.

Seasonal fees for guided exercise groups (as of 1 January 2023)

€33/season/group: groups starting before 4 pm (aimed especially at seniors, special groups and unemployed people)
€48.50/season/group: groups starting after 4 pm (aimed at people of working age) and Korvenkylä gym group
€66/season/group: groups at Joutsenohalli

NOTE!  In addition to the seasonal fee, water aerobics and gym groups in swimming halls and sports halls pay the swimming hall or gym entrance fee.

Guidance fee for wristband water aerobics €2.50/class/person (see instructions under wristband water aerobics classes)


Guided groups in health-promoting exercise

See the class descriptions for health-promoting exercise here

The guiding language of the health-promoting exercise groups is Finnish. More information on the groups is available from sports instructors.

Water exercise

Water aerobics groups

Water aerobics groups are organised at both the Lappeenranta and Lauritsala swimming halls. The water aerobics groups last the entire guidance season (spring/autumn) and require registration. The seasonal fee for water aerobics groups is €33/group/season + the entrance fee to the swimming pool.

Wristband water aerobics

Wristband water aerobics groups are organised at both the Lappeenranta and Lauritsala swimming halls. They are suitable for customers who do not want to commit to the same group for the whole season. You do not need to register for wristband water aerobics.
The wristband for water aerobics is claimed when paying the swimming hall fee and given to the instructor at the beginning of the class. The wristband can be claimed for €2.50 at the swimming hall cash desk 40 minutes before the start of the workout.

Exercise peer groups

Peer-guided groups are intended for people of working age who are re-starting a sports hobby and want to exercise in a group.
The peer instructors are sports services’ experts-by-experience in exercise counselling and lifestyle change.
You do not need to register for peer-guided groups.
Further information: tel. +358 40 776 9560 or sirpa.pollanen(at)lappeenranta.fi

Women’s swimming session at the Lauritsala swimming hall

on Sundays from 6 to 8 pm (swimming time ends at 7:30 pm), autumn/spring season.
Entry through the front door until 6:30 pm.
During the women’s session, the swimming hall can be used freely, just like at normal hours.
The entrance fee for the women’s swimming session is the normal swimming hall fee or the reduced fee that the customer is entitled to.
Note! During the session, tickets can only be bought from the ticket machine with a payment card. Tickets can be purchased in cash in advance during the opening hours of the cash desk.

Gym training

Circuit training groups

Circuit training is guided strength training at the gym using different equipment. Circuit training groups meet at the gyms of the Lauritsala and Lappeenranta swimming halls, the Joutsenohalli gym, the Kahilanniemi health gym and the Korvenkylä association house. The groups require registration.

Gym training

The groups have a joint warm-up and after that independent training. The instructor will be there to guide you. The groups require registration. 

Independent gym training periods at Kahilanniemi

There is an opportunity for independent training at the gym.
If necessary, the instructor can assist you in the use of the equipment. A smart card can be claimed for the independent training periods at the swimming hall cash desks. The card entitles the user to use the gym during the independent training periods throughout the guidance season.
Price: €33/season + smart card price €6.60.


Body maintenance and keep-fit classes

The sports services organise exercise groups throughout the city. The sports services organise groups focusing on, for example, muscle care, Fascia Method, strength and balance for elderly people, strength and mobility for working-age people and weight management. We also offer chair exercise and light exercise groups as well as various dance classes.
Information on the contents, schedules and prices of the groups is available from sports instructors. The groups require registration.

Men’s groups

Men’s groups

Do a good deed and start an active lifestyle in the men’s groups.
Men’s groups are organised in different parts of Lappeenranta and Joutseno.
Men’s groups involve a wide range of exercise, such as ball games and strength training.

Price for 1 group €93.50/season*
Price for 2 groups €115.50/season*
Price for 3 groups €137.50/season*
(*unemployed at half price/season price)

Registration and enquiries for men’s groups:

Lappeenranta groups: Markku Timonen, markku.timonen0(at)saunalahti.fi

Joutseno groups: Kari Kinnunen, joutsenonsuomimies(at)gmail.com

Football group for men

The group speaks simple Finnish and English. The group operates throughout the year.
Wed 2:30–4.00 pm
Ratsumestari sports field, Pallo sports hall from the beginning of October.
Price €2,20/session. Payment on site, debit card payment recommended.
No registration.

Further information:
Stina Tevajärvi, tel. +358 40 631 7428, stina.tevajarvi(at)lappeenranta.fi


Support for unemployed people’s physical activity


Unemployed persons’ free gym and swimming hours

Independent training in the gym during independent training periods or in the swimming hall during free swimming hours. The gym or swimming hall can be accessed by showing the job application certificate at either the information point or the cash desk. The certificate of the validity of the job application can be printed in the E-services of the te-palvelut.fi website or by visiting the TE Office during the opening hours.
The activities are free of charge, low-threshold exercise. You can join the groups at any time.
Guidance time booking through exercise counselling.

More information about the groups: Sirpa Pöllänen, sirpa.pollanen(at)lappeenranta.fi


Contact information of sports instructors