Map material and geospatial datasets sales service

The production and maintenance of maps of the City of Lappeenranta is entirely in numerical form in the geographic information system used by the city. Numerical map material is provided in the most common file formats for digital use and further processing. The city sells the map material and geospatial datasets it produces and maintains.


General terms and conditions

• The layout of the print can be modified, and it can be produced for the desired area on the selected scale. • Prints include, for example, guide maps, the public office the map, the base map, confirmed detailed plans, confirmed master plans and aerial photographs. • The price of a map print does not include a publication permission. • Special materials and unusual labour costs are added to the price of prints. • Colour and black and white prints are priced according to a different rate. • The delivery time for the documents is 7–14 weekdays.

Vector and raster material

• Vector material can be delivered to the customer, for example, as autocad image files (DWG) or DXF transfer files, as well as in MapInfo tab or MIF formats. The material to be submitted will be limited regionally or on the basis of the data content in accordance with the level breakdown. • The format and resolution of the raster images can be agreed upon separately. The material is delivered in the most common file formats used for storing map data (TIFF, PNG, JPG).

Level and height systems of the material to be delivered

• The city switched to using ETRS89-GK28 plane coordinate systems and N2000 elevation systems in 2012. • The difference between the current N2000 elevation system and the previous N60 elevation system is +0.21 m. • Users of the map data should pay attention to the coordinate systems of the map data during the transition period.


View the city’s map service

• Some of the material is available free of charge in the map service maintained by the city. • You can order map prints through the online service on this website. Map products include, for example, a base map, a detailed plan extract with regulations, a plot map and a plot subdivision map. Documents for a building permit can also be ordered in the same online service.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

• The delivery of map material and geospatial datasets is subject to a fee. The fees are confirmed with a decision by the decision-making institution. • As a rule, linking to the map service is free of charge. • Material can be delivered free of charge for teaching or research purposes.