Renting or buying vacant plots from the city

The City of Lappeenranta offers plots for lease and sale throughout the city. The property formation fee is always added to the price of the plots. The building permit and connection fees are not included in the price of the plot.


Criteria for the assignment of residential plots:

When several applicants apply for the same plot in the same application round, the following criteria can be used in the decision-making process: • Taking into account the applicant’s housing needs • Location of workplaces and schools for children • Family size • Quality and condition of the current flat and the amount of space • Applicants’ health reasons • The city’s economic policy

Some of the plots in an area that has already aroused great interest in advance can be assigned by drawing lots among the applicants.

An applicant who is building detached houses for sale or who has received a plot from the city during the past five years has the opportunity to receive the plot only in a so-called continuous assignment if there are no other applicants for the same plot. The five-year rule does not apply to a shareholder of a terraced house project.

Criteria for the assignment of commercial plots: • The assignment promotes the diversification of the city’s business base and the establishment of new jobs, companies and industries in Lappeenranta. • The assignment promotes the improvement of the operating opportunities of existing companies in Lappeenranta. • The assignment promotes the establishment of various services in different fields in the city. • The assignment promotes the establishment of trade and industry concerned with Finland’s neighbouring regions in Lappeenranta. • The assignment promotes the establishment of the competence areas produced by the University and the technology centre in Lappeenranta. • Business plots are not assigned at a price lower than their fair value.


View the city’s available plots

• The city’s assignable plots can be found in the electronic search service. • New plots are added throughout the year. • Read the terms of plot assignment and plot information. Ask for more information if needed. • Read the planning review presenting the areas the city will plan for construction in the next few years.

• Submitting an application requires registration for the electronic search service. Register with your online banking credentials. • At the first registration, you receive a personal account and you can enter a password for later use. • You can apply for vacant plots by clicking Hae tonttia (Apply for plot) in the plot information. You can apply for several plots at once. • You can arrange the selected plots in an order of priority. • The application must be submitted for processing clicking Lähetä hakemus (Submit application). You can edit or cancel your application until the end of the application period. • You will receive a confirmation email at the provided address that your application has been received. • You can browse applications you have sent and monitor their status by logging in to the service via the link provided in the email. • The first notification of a positive or negative decision will be sent to your e-mail address. The official information will be sent later by post.

Processing the application

• Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. • The assignment of a plot for the first time requires a decision by an officeholder or an institutional procedure. • The decision, appeal instructions and other instructions will be sent to you by e-mail, unless otherwise agreed.

Signing the plot lease or deed of sale

• The assignment decision involves the right of appeal of a resident. This means that the contract related to the assignment cannot be signed until the appeal period has expired. • The land lease agreement or property deed of sale is made online in the Property Transaction Service maintained by the National Land Survey of Finland. A paper contract is concluded only in special cases. • The purchase price must be paid before the property deed of sale can be signed.

Leasehold registration

• If the land lease agreement has been made electronically, you do not need to apply for registration of your property separately. • If it has been made in paper form, you must make a registration notification to the National Land Survey.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

Service background and legislation