Exercise for children, young people and families

The City of Lappeenranta Sports Services offer low-threshold sports activities and events for children, young people and families.


Liikuntamaa events, water activity days and sports circus

Liikuntamaa events and water activity days are events for the whole family that are regularly organised in cooperation between the city’s sports services and clubs. 

At Liikuntamaa events, children have free use of sports equipment from balls to air tracks. Liikuntamaa events provide families with joint activities and diverse opportunities for exercise and play for children aged 1–12. Liikuntamaa activities are also suitable for children with special needs. 

The important thing is for the family to be together and enjoy exercise without competition or performance.

Liikuntamaa events

Liikuntamaa activities are supervised but not guided.
Children must have their own adult with them.

The fee for the Liikuntamaa event is €2.50 per child.

Children’s water activity days at the swimming hall

Water activity days are organised at the Lauritsala swimming hall.
Children must always have their own adult with them.

The fee for the water activity day at the swimming hall is the swimming hall fee.

NOTE! There is no public swimming at the swimming hall during children’s water activity days.


Tips for physical activities

Sports equipment and yard games to borrow from the library
The library card can be used to borrow various sports equipment from Lappeenranta’s main library and the libraries in Sammonlahti and Joutseno.

Every child must have the opportunity to be physically active and enjoy exercise on a daily basis

Children are born with a need to be physically active. This is why an active lifestyle begins to develop early in childhood. A child’s physical activity refers to all physical activities in a child’s life with different strain levels, such as playing, bustling around indoors and outdoors, household chores, outdoor activities, hiking and guided exercise.

Children’s rights are adults’ responsibilities.

Children’s exercise is physically active play

The goal of a child’s daily physical activity is three hours a day, which consists of diverse activities with different strain levels: light exercise and brisk outdoor activities as well as very fast-paced physical activity.

Physical activity has a positive impact on the child’s

  • health
  • well-being
  • involvement
  • learning
  • interaction skills.

(Source: Recommendations for physical activity in early childhood 2016. Joy, play and doing together. Ministry of Education and Culture 2016.)