Built heritage

Built cultural environment and renovation advice

Lappeenranta Museums serves as the museum with regional responsibility and expert in built cultural environment in the region of South Karelia. The museum cooperates with authorities and other parties to preserve, maintain and develop the cultural environment. The museum issues cultural environment-related official opinions on planning, construction and other land use to the authorities, decision-makers, planners and other actors.

The museum advices on matters related to renovation construction and the management of the cultural environment. The museum serves as a government transfer and renovation project expert, monitors the use of grants and promotes expertise in renovation construction.

The museum collects basic information on the old building stock. The museum has basic information of about 5,000 properties in the South Karelia region.

Use the service


You can ask the museum amanuenses responsible for the built heritage for advice related to the cultural environment. The amanuenses also advise on matters related to the inventory and restoration of built heritage as well as grant applications.

The museum issues opinions for planning, forest use and construction projects. Send any official requests for opinions to the City of Lappeenranta Registry Office at kirjaamo@lappeenranta.fi, from where they are forwarded to the Lappeenranta Museums for an opinion.

Payment information

Most Finnish museums are co-funded by the central government and municipalities. Museums also obtain financing through their fund-raising activities, including entrance fees.

Service background and legislation

The purpose of museum services is to maintain and build up the population's understanding of culture, history and environment. The museums are open for everyone.

The museums preserve cultural and natural heritage and keep it for the generations to come. Through their exhibitions and publications, the museums also inform the public and engage in research and teaching.