Food contact material field operator's notification of premises and operations

Manufacturer, importer or supplier, such as a wholesaler, of food contact materials must report their place of business and the contact material operations performed there.

Food contact material refers to materials and articles that either are already in contact with food or are intended to be brought into contact with food, either directly or indirectly. Examples include:

  • food containers
  • single-use tableware and gloves
  • kitchen utensils
  • small kitchen appliances
  • machines and appliances used in the food industry

Raw materials and articles that are used in preparation of contact materials are also food contact materials. Printing inks, lacquers and bonding agents are also contact materials.

Use the service


The obligation to notify applies to all operators placing food contact materials on the market in Finland. These operators include

  • manufacturers of materials and articles used in manufacturing contact materials
  • manufacturers of actual contact materials
  • operators engaged in the wholesale trade of contact materials
  • operators importing contact materials from the EU internal market area or from non-EU countries and operators engaged in corresponding export activities.

The obligation to notify applies to all operators in the field, irrespective of the contact material or article in question.

In case the operator changes, or the operations change or are terminated, the operator must make a notification of it without delay.

If the operator is established in another EEA state and provides services in Finland on a temporary basis, they are required to have the same notification as the operators established in Finland.


Submit a notification in the ilppa notification service or request a form from the health inspector of the department of environmental services of Lappeenranta region. The department of environmental services of the Lappeenranta region processes the notifications in the area of Lappeenranta, Lemi, Luumäki, Taipalsaari and Savitaipale.

At the start of operations, notify the food control authority of your operating location in the ilppa notification service or by using a form.

Once you have submitted the notification, you will be notified once it is received and entered in the register. The food control authority will regularly inspect the operations of your company in accordance with its supervisory plan.

You should also report if the operator changes or the operations change or end in the ilppa notification service. You can also use a form to notify the local authority of the changes. In this case, use the same form for the change notification as for the notification in the beginning of operations.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

A fee is charged for handling the notification.

A fee will be charged for the notification in accordance with the confirmed charge rates of the supervisory unit. Surveillance in accordance with the surveillance plan is also subject to a fee.


The notification must be given when the operations begin.

The notification must be submitted no later than four weeks before the operations are started.

Processing time

The notification will be processed within 30 days.

Period of validity

The notification is valid until further notice.

The notification is valid until further notice.