Easy to Join Exercise 2024

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Summer Sports and Events

Let´s be active together this summer!

In some of the courses the instruction language is Finnish, but don´t hesitate-the body language is universal!
For questions please contact: stina.tevajarvi@lappeenranta.fi or 040-6317428

For families, teens and children


Swimming schools for children

Swimming schools by Lappeenrannan Uimarit.
Myllysaari, Murheistenranta and Ahvenlampi beaches.
Course fee: 50€ per week
Swimming schools of Lappeenrannan Uimarit

Swimming schools by LiveLife company
Course fee: 30€/child (the course includes 4 lessons)
For questions and registration:  look here  or phone:
Kia Petrell: p. 0456465744   info@livelife.fi, 


Adult+child exercise time

Tuesday 4 pm-4.45pm  Tervahaudanpuisto, Yliopistonkatu 30- close to LUT  (18.6-6.8)
Thursday 10 pm-10.45 pm   Kimpinen sportsfield. Maaherrankatu 16 (20.6-8.8)
Adults and children (0-10 years) do playful exercises together.
Free of charge. No registation.

Football for primary school children

Tuesday 2-3 pm Sammonlahti artificial turf, Pirkonlähteenkatu 6 (4.6.-6.8.)
Thursday 2-3 pm Lauritsala artificial turf, Kuntokatu 10 (6.6.-7.8.)
The game is adjusted to the children taking part.
Free of charge. No registration.

Summer sports for daycare and  primary school age children

Monday  2-3 pm,  Kesämäki schoolyard, Lavolankatu 16 (3.6.-5.8.)
Wednesday  2-3 pm, Lauritsala schoolyard, Osulankatu 3 (5.6..-7.8.)
Free activities for children and playing together.
Children up to 6 years shall be supervised by an adult joining the event.
Free of charge. No registration.

Outdoor games for children

Tuesday 11 pm-12, Kesämäki schoolyard,  Lavolankatu 16  (4.6.-6.8.)
Friday 11 pm-12, Lauritsala schoolyards, Osulankatu 3 (7.6.-9.8.)
Try some fun  traditional outdoor games that suit children of different ages.
Free of charge. No registration.


Activities mainly for adults


Nature  events


Hiking trips

Everybody is welcome to join a suitable walking distance.

Näkkiniemi nature path.
Wednesday 26.6 at 4-7 pm.
The walking distance is 4,5 km. The starting point is at Lappeen koulu, Järviniitunkatu 2.
There is a bus stop near the school. You can bring your own snacks and we will have a break at a firepit, if you want to have a barbeque.
No registration or fees.

Mikonsaari nature path
Wednesday 3.7. at 5-8 pm.
Start from the parking lot of the Mikonsaari nature path. Mikonsaarentie 331.
The walking distance is about 2 km.
You can bring your own snacks and we will have a break at a firepit, if you want to have a barbeque.
No registration or fees.

Ruska trip (Fall colours) to Repovesi natural park 
Saturday  21.9.2024
Enjoy the great ruska colours in the famous Repovesi natural park.
Transport by carpool. Organized by Saimaan Latu  
Saimaan Latu is a non profit society,  that welcomes both members and non members to enjoy nature together.
For questions and registration, please contact  Pekka Rossi: 040-5457329 or pekka.j.rossi@gmail.com


Bike trips

Everybody is welcome to join a suitable biking distance.
You need a bike (your own or rented) and a helmet for the tours. A city bike level bike is good enough,
We will have a nice moderate travel speed adjusted to the group. 
For questions, please contact stina.tevajarvi@lappeenranta.fi or 040 6317428

Bike trip to Mikonsaari
Tuesday 16.7
4 pm -about 7.30 pm.  Start from the LUT main entrance. Yliopistonkatu 34.
4.30 pm-about 7 pm. Start from Lappeenranta harbour, Kipparinkatu 2.
Total distance about 20-35 km (depending on the starting point). Includes a walking distance of about 1 km.
In case of rainy weather, the trips will be cancelled and rescheduled for future dates.
Return about 8 pm. In cooperation with  Lappeenrannan Pyöräilijät  biking club
No fees, but please register  here

Bike trip to Riihilahti Taipalsaari 
Saturday 17.8.2024.
We will bike from Lappeenranta to Taipalsaari along the beautiful lake route.
Total distance starting from Lappeenranta city center about 40 km.
Organized by Saimaan Latu  
For questions and registration, please contact  Pekka Rossi: 040-5457329 or pekka.j.rossi@gmail.com


Churchboat rowing

Tuesday 25.6 at 5-8 pm.
Start from the boathouse of the rowing club, Myllysaarenpolku 45.
You are welcome to try rowing a big traditional wooden boat. We row as a group with room  for 13 rowers.
The  try-out is suitable for  teens and adults. The event is organized together with the local rowing club Lappeenrannan Soutajat.
Lifevests will be provided by the club. Waterproof clothes, gloves and a water bottle are recommended.
You can also bring your own picnic/something to grill if you want.
Fee 10€/person.
Please register and pay here

For more nature experiences, please check here:

More summer sports 


Outdoor games


Easy level football

Wednesday 2.30-4 pm (starting 3.6)
Ratsumestari sportsfield. Puhakankatu 4 
Price €2.50 per session. Please pay by card. 
No registration. For questions p. 040-5270267


Outdoor exercise groups

You can join the groups once or each week, if you wish. The groups are for adults of different ages and fitness levels.  Please bring your own water bottle and a mat to  do exercises on the ground.
The groups are free of charge. No registration. If rain, the classes will be cancelled.
For questions, please contact: stina.tevajarvi@lappeenranta.fi or 040-6317428


Light  exercise


Body care/FasciaMethod

After a thorough warm-up, the lesson continues with a variety of easy but effective movements that develop the mobility and strength of the body.
The lessons are well suited for beginners.
No registration or fees.

 Monday 11-11.45 am, Sammonlahti sportsfield, Pirkonlähteenkatu 5. (27.5-24.6)
Tuesday 11–11.45 am, Lauritsala sportsfield, Kuntokatu 10  (28.5-6.8)
Tuesday  3-3.45 am  Kimpinen sportsfield high jumping spot Maaherrankatu 16 (28.5-25.6)
Wednesday 9-9.45 am , Myllysaari beach grass area. Myllysaarenpolku 37 (29.5-7.8)
Thursday  2-2.45 pm Kimpinen sportsfield high jumping spot,  Maaherrankatu 16 (30.5-8.8)
No registration or fees.

Fun Walking Group

Tuesday 9.00–10.00 pm. Start from Sammontori (9.5.-27.6.)
A light walk suitable for everyone, accompanied by exercises to improve muscle tone and balance.
No registration or fees.


Outdoor/park exercise 

Easy and fun exercise to music. The level is individually adjustable,
No registration or fees.

Mondays  10.00–10.45 am  Myllysaari grass field, Myllysaarenpolku 37( 27.5- 5.8)
Mondays 3-3.45 pm Dance mix. Kimpinen sportsfields, high jumping spot, Maaherrankatu 16   (27.5.-24.6.) 
Tuesdays 1-1.45 pm. Juvakka sportsfield, Armilankatu 33  ( 28.5-25.6)
Tuesdays 1-1.45 pm Lauritsala sportsfield. Untokatu 10 ( 28.5-6.8.)
Tuesdays  6.30 pm-7.15 pm Hinkanranta, Joutseno, Rantaite 540 (28.5-6.8)
Wednesdays 6-6.45 pm  Myllysaari grass area, Myllysaarenpolku 37 (29.5-7.8)
Wednesdays 3-3.45 pm, Sammonlahti sportsfield, Pirkonlähteenkatu 5 (29.5-26.6)
Thursdays 10-10.45 Kimpinen sportsfield. Adults+child-exercise. Maaherrankatu 16 (-8.8)
Fridays  9.00–9.45 pm Kasino park., Ainonkatu 19-31 (31.5-9.8)


Outdoor training



Wednesday 9-10 am (29.5-26.6)
Huhtiniemi outdoor gym. Kuusimäenkatu 16.  The starting point is by the stairs.
Easy step-training exercises and outdoor gym instruction. 
No registration or fees. 

Circuit training and stretching

Mondays 4.30-5.30 pm. Juvakka sportsfield.Armilankatu 33 ( 27.5-5.8)
Thursdays 1-1.45 pm  Kimpinen sportfield, Maaherrankatu 16 (30.5-8.8. No class 28.6)
The program  includes some more demanding exercises.
No registration or fees. 



Wednesday  4.30-5.15 pm  Juvakka sportsfield,.Armilankatu 33 (29.5-7.8)
Thursday  10.00–10.45 pm  Sammonlahti sportsfield,  Pirkonlähteenkatu 5 (30.5-27.6)
Thursday 4.30-5.15 pm   Lauritsala schoolyard, Osulankatu 3 (30.5-8.8)
Please bring your own exercise mat and kettlebell or borrow one from the library.
No registration or fees. 


Activities for seniors

Please note, that seniors are very welcome  to all adult activities, and beginners of all ages are welcome to senior groups.
The  exercises are adjusted also to fit people who have slight movement restrictions.

Neighbourhood exercise session

Wednesday 10.00–10.30 am  Louhenpuisto outdoor gym, Pieni Kirkkokatu 8 (8.5-28.8)
Thursday  11.00–11.30 am Sammontori (2.5-27.6)
Easy exercise suitable for all fitness levels. You can also participate with a rollator.


Tuesdays 10.00–10.30 am Louhenpuisto outdoor gym, Pieni Kirkkokatu 8 (28.5-25.6)
Easy and fun dances that fit everybody. You can also participate with a rollator.