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Courses and events in Spring 2024

The courses are held in easy Finnish and English
For more information stina.tevajarvi@lappeenranta.fi p. 040 6317428
The courses with course fees can be paid at the cash desk of the swimming pool or by the links in addition to the course list below

Upcoming events

Free Swimming on Sunday 3.3.

The local electric company offers entrance free swimming in the Lappeenranta swimminghalls  for everybody during opening hours.
Also free use of Myllysaari sauna, Myllysaaren polku 45 from 9 am-9 pm.


Winter Sports


Skating for families 

Kisapuisto outdoor icerink. Kisakatu 9.
Sundays at 10-11 pm. No registration or course fee
Own equipment, including helmet is required
The event is organized by Veiterä bandy club
Veiterä bandy club


New! Arctic swimming and winter sauna 

Welcome for a try out at Myllysaari sauna. A cosy sauna with a nice town view close to the harbour.

Myllysaaren sauna.Myllysaaren-polku 45
Men only on Tuesday  19.3.

Women only on  Wednesday 20.3
Entrance between 2.30pm-5pm

Please bring your own towel. If you want to enter the ice hole you also need non slippery shoes.
The sauna entrance fee during the event is 4,60€.The fee is to be paid at the cash desk on place.
Register here

More winter sports information

More wintersports

Swimming schools for total beginners

Note! The course fee of each swimming course 27,50 € and is to be paid in advance.
The fee can be paid at the cash desk or on line (see links for registration )

Additionally the entrance fee to the swimming hall is to be paid each time *
*Single ticket at the cash desk
Adults 6,95 €,students and children  7-18 years  4,10 €.
Children 0-6 years 1,65€

Single ticket bought from the ticket machine:
Adults  6,60€ ,  children 7-18 years, students and unemployed is  3,85€. Children 0-6 years 1,65€


Swimming  courses for children

Lappeenranta swimming hall. Pohjolankatu 29.
Tuesdays ( 5.3.-23.4.)

4-4.30 pm         5-6 years
5-5.30  pm       7-9 years
5.30-6 pm         10-12 years
30 min. swimming time
Register and pay here

Swimming  courses for men

Lappeenranta swimming hall. Pohjolankatu 29.
Thursdays at 4-4.45 pm (7.3.-11.4.)
Register and pay here

Swimming courses for women

Lappeenranta swimming hall. Pohjolankatu 29.
Thursdays at 2-2.45 pm and 3-3.45 pm  (7.3.-11.4.)
Register and pay here


Lauritsala swimming hall. Luukkaankatu 51
Courses during women only swimming hours
Please note! The swimming hall is not open for other public use during these hours.
The cashdesk is closed and entrance tickets can only be bought at the ticket machine, 
Note also, that the entrance door is open only 6-6.30 pm,
Sundays at 6.30-7.15 pm ( 3.3.-14.4., Easter break  31.3.)  
Register and pay here


Women only swimming hours

Lauritsala swimming hall. Luukkaankatu 51
During these hours the pool is exclusively for women.
For safety reasons only children who can swim are allowed in the pool
*) Please note the Easter break 31.3.


More easy to join courses for beginners

New! Stretching and easy gymnastics

Skinnarila former school. Ostosraitti 3/by Visma Arena
Mondays 4.30-5.30 pm (4.3.-22.4.)
Registration, but no course fee.
Please bring your own mat.
Register here

Gym instruction for total beginners

Lappeenranta swimming hall gym. Pohjolankatu 29.
Wednesdays at 2-3 pm ( 6.3.-24.4.)
 Registration, but no course fee. The gym entrance is to be paid .
Single ticket from the cash desk adults 5,50€, students and unemployed 3,85 € .
Single ticket from the ticket machine adults 4,95€, students and unemployed 3,50€
Register here     

Easy level football

Pallo  sportshall. Tukkikatu 2.
Wednesdays 2.30-4 pm-(10,1.-24.4. No class 28.2.)
The course fits men, women and children from 10 years up.
Fee 2,50€ /session (payment by card).No registration required.