Approval for a household water supplier and wholesaler

A facility that supplies household water must request approval for its operations from the municipal health protection authority, if the facility produces or processes water.

A wholesaler must also request approval for its operations from the municipal health protection authority. A wholesaler is considered an operator that sells water to a facility that supplies household water. Wholesale companies do not have end-users of water.

Use the service


A facility is not allowed to supply household water unless their operations have been approved. Likewise, a wholesaler is not allowed to start its operations before an approval.

A facility must also request an approval if they plan on expanding or modifying their water abstraction or treatment significantly. They must also request an approval if the quality or distribution of water changes significantly.

The facility must submit an application regarding a change in their operations no later than 30 days before the change. The facility must not change its operations until the application has been approved.

If the operator has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same approvals are required as from operators established in Finland.


You can request an application form from the registry of the environmental services or from health inspectors.

The municipal health protection authority issues the approvals.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

The application is processed for a fee in accordance with the rates accepted by the environmental board of the Lappeenranta region.


An approval must be requested three months before the planned start of operations.

Period of validity

The approval is valid until further notice.