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Summer job voucher promotes the employment of the young people

Summerjob voucher's in Lappeenranta has ran out!

The City of Lappeenranta, OP South Karelia, the municipality of Luumäki and OP Luumäki support the employment of young people during summer 2024 by distributing summer job vouchers to young people in Lappeenranta and Luumäki born in 1996-2010.

A total of 370 vouchers will be distributed in Lappeenranta and 26 vouchers will be distributed in Luumäki. The city of Lappeenranta supports the employment of young people with 300 vouchers and OP South Karelia with 70 vouchers. 300 of the total amount of vouchers will be distributed for young people born in 2007-2010 and 70 vouchers will be distributed for young adults born in 1996-2006. OP South Karelia also supports the summer employment of young people in Taipalsaari born in 2007–2009 with 15 vouchers.

The municipality of Luumäki supports the summer employment of young people born in 1996-2010 with 18 vouchers and OP Luumäki supports the summer employment of the young people born in 2007-2009 with 8 vouchers. The value of the summer job voucher is €350 (VAT 0%). 

The young person from Lappeenranta must be employed by an employer (company, association or foundation) based in Lappeenranta. The young people from Taipalsaari can be employed by an employer based in Lappeenranta or Taipalsaari. The young people from Luumäki can be employed by an employer from wider area, ask more about the location from the hadler of the summer job voucher applications before you leave your application. You can find the contact informations below.

The employer cannot be a private household, family or private person, nor can the voucher be used for the city’s internal workplaces.

A maximum of five vouchers per business ID and one voucher per young person are granted.

The Young people from Lappeenranta, born in 2007–2010 may work between 3 June and 7 August 2024. Those born in 1996–2006 may work between 1 May and 30 August 2024.

Ohjaamo Lappeenranta helps both young people and employers in issues related to the granting of vouchers and various practices.

Summer job voucher 2023, what is it and who is it for?

  • Summer job voucher 2023 is a grant distributed by the City of Lappeenranta and OP South Karelia and the municipality of Luumäki and OP Luumäki. The purpose of the voucher is both to facilitate the young person’s employment and to help the employer with salary costs. In other words, the voucher covers part of the young person’s salary.
  • The value of the voucher is €350 (VAT 0%). The employer invoices City of Lappeenranta for the vouchers granted for the young people from Lappeenranta, Taipalsaari but also the voucher's of OP Luumäki. The vouchers of municipality of Luumäki must be invoiced from Luumäki. You will receive further information via email. The employer invoices the vouchers after the end of the young person’s employment relationship.
  • This year, a total of 300 summer job vouchers will be distributed to young people in Lappeenranta born in 2006–2008, 70 to young adults in Lappeenranta born in 1994–2005, 15 to young people in Taipalsaari born in 2006–2008 and 25 to young people in Luumäki born in 1994-2008.


Young person

  • Find out about possible summer jobs on different job search sites. You should visit at least kesaksiduuniin.fi, where you can find targeted summer jobs in this area. Also check out duunitori.fi and monster.fi. You can also ask for jobs in person. Tell employers about the possibility of a summer job voucher.
  • At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of companies that have employed young people with the summer job voucher in previous summers. You can also ask Ohjaamo for tips on possible jobs. Best of luck in your job search! 
  • When you have agreed on a summer job with your employer, fill in an electronic summer job voucher application with your employer. Each city and municipality has their own application form, so be aware that you fill in the right one.
  • The summer job vouchers are granted in the order in which the applications are received. You must have a job agreed when you apply for the voucher. Vouchers cannot be reserved. The application period begins on 1 February 2024. Once Ohjaamo has processed your application, you will receive the voucher by e-mail. The voucher is also sent to the employer’s e-mail.
  • Make a formal employment contract with your employer as well. The summer job voucher application is not an employment contract.


  • Fill in the online application with the young person. You will receive the summer job voucher details in your email once the application has been processed.
  • Make a separate employment contract for the young person.
  • The employee will be paid a salary according to the collective agreement, but at least €500/10 days/60 h. In the absence of a collective agreement, the minimum salary is €500/10 days/60 h.
  • The company/association/organisation acting as the employer is responsible for the obligations of the employer (accident insurance, social security contributions, etc.).

  • The young person will be issued a written certificate of employment for the work done.
  • The company must not have any obstacles to employment (lay-offs etc.).


If the planned employment relationship is not realised, send this information immediately to Nina Laine at Ohjaamo Lappeenranta, tel. +358 40 504 1946, nina.laine@lappeenranta.fi

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