Disc golf courses

There are five disc golf courses in the Lappeenranta region. The courses were built and are mainly maintained jointly by the Sports Department and sports clubs/associations. The courses are free to use and cannot be reserved.

The goal of disc golf is to complete the course with the lowest number of throws. A course usually has 9 or 18 holes, each of which is counted separately. Each hole on the course starts from the tee area and ends with a target, or basket. After the opening throw, the players continue from where their last throw ended. After playing through the hole, the players move to the tee area of the next hole and play it through. This continues until they have played through every hole of the course. Disc golf courses are usually built in a varying forest terrain where disc trajectories are restricted by natural barriers. Natural barriers are an essential part of the games, and players are strictly prohibited from altering them to make the hole easier to play. Players must play through the hole as it is and continue from where their last throw stopped unless the rules state otherwise.

Things to remember when playing disc golf:

  • Do not make a throw if it could hurt someone or disrupt another player.
  • Do not make a throw when it is not your turn without the permission of the player whose turn it is or if it could disrupt another player.
  • Be calm and considerate of others.
  • Do not litter the grounds.
  • If you find a lost disc, leave it in the lost discs box.

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