Guide to using the swimming hall

We look forward to seeing you at the swimming hall!

The rules of Lappeenranta swimming halls and procedures for successful visits to the swimming hall follow the Welcome to the Swimming Hall! guide of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation.

Swimming skills and children at the swimming hall

  • Children under school age, people who cannot swim and special groups are welcome to visit the swimming hall with an adult who can swim and is responsible for ensuring their safety and supervising them in the pool.
  • An adult who can swim must always be within an arm’s reach of a child who cannot swim in the pool, including the children’s pool.
  • Children under school age and children who cannot swim may not be left alone in the swimming hall.
  • Children’s inflatable armbands, swimming floats or floating swimsuits are no replacement for swimming ability.
  • The diving pool is only intended for people who can swim. People who cannot swim can only use the big pool in the company of a person who can swim.
  • Aquajogging belts are not life-saving equipment, so before aquajogging, make sure that you have appropriate swimming skills.

Swimming time

  • Swimming halls are popular and sometimes even crowded, so the swimming hall has a restricted swimming time of two hours per visit.

Cleanliness and hygiene

  • Wash before swimming to keep the water in the swimming pool clean. Wash your hair and remove any make-up before swimming or using the sauna. Cover your hair with a swimming cap or wash it before swimming or using the sauna.
  • Do not wear swimwear in the sauna.
  • Tie up long hair before entering the pool. The swimming hall can provide a hairband if you need one.


  • Swimwear used at the swimming hall must be suitable for swimming and made of a swimsuit fabric that does not release lint, dirt or other materials into the pool. Swimwear should be close-fitting, and the legs, sleeves and hoods should be as tight-fitting as possible in order to avoid getting caught in the pool equipment. The use of swimming shorts and burkinis is allowed. Do not use underwear (underpants) as or under a swimsuit or swimming trunks.

Taking photos

  • Taking photos is not allowed in the swimming hall. The photography ban protects the privacy of the customers and guarantees a relaxed swim for all. Please leave your phone in your locker.


  • Use of the gym is subject to a separate gym fee. The gym age limit is 12 years.

In the swimming hall, it is prohibited to:

  • be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances
  • run, make noise or behave in an otherwise disruptive manner
  • dive with diving equipment except with the permission of the lifeguard
  • jump from the edges of the pool or hang from the pool lane ropes
  • swim across the lanes
  • take a run-up on the 5-metre diving platform
  • chew gum or use snus
  • wear strong perfumes
  • eat snacks in the pool areas, changing rooms and showers.


  • Sessions reserved by groups, schools and sports clubs must be supervised by a responsible person. The responsible person must be present throughout the reserved session.

Following the rules

  • Lifeguards are responsible for the general safety at the swimming hall and make sure that everyone has a safe and good time at the swimming hall.
  • It is the lifeguard’s duty to take address any problems for the sake of customers’ safety and wellbeing. If a person breaks the rules of the swimming hall, the lifeguard has the right to remove them from the swimming hall and, if necessary, issue a temporary entry ban to the swimming hall.
  • The lifeguard is at the swimming hall for the customers, and is happy to help and give guidance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the lifeguard.

Each customer is at the swimming hall at their own risk and responsible for storing their own clothes and other belongings at the swimming hall.