Private family daycare

Parents can apply for a place for their child in private family daycare. Families conclude a care agreement with the private family daycare provider. They can cover part of the daycare fee with the private daycare allowance paid by Kela, which is paid directly to the family daycare provider.

A family can hire a childcarer to work at the family’s home and receive Kela’s child home care allowance for a child under the age of 3 or private daycare allowance for a child under school age. In this case, the family acts as the childcarer’s employer. Families can also employ a childcarer together. The municipal family daycare coordinator needs to approve a private childcarer. The childcarer must be an adult and must not live with the child in the same household.

Private family daycare providers are entrepreneurs who usually provide early childhood education in their own home. The group can include four children in full-time care and one child in part-time care, who is either a child in pre-primary education age or school age. The family daycare provider’s own children who are under school age are included in the group. The city monitors private family daycare.

Use the service


You can apply for a place for your child in private family daycare. In matters regarding private family daycare places, you can contact the City of Lappeenranta’s family daycare coordinator.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

The child’s guardians conclude an agreement with the private family daycare provider on the early childhood education service and its fee. The family can apply for private daycare allowance from Kela.

Service background and legislation