How to apply for the music class starting from the 3rd grade

In music classes in Lappeenranta, we offer weighted education in music, which means that the amount of music instruction is higher than usual. The amount of music instruction has been decided in the allocation of lesson hours of Kimpisen koulu. The instruction consists of various forms of singing, playing instruments and music theory.

Music classes also give the pupils plenty of performance opportunities and experiences from different events. In addition to music lessons, pupils have the opportunity to participate in various clubs. Studying in a music class requires the pupil to have sufficient basic skills in terms of study skills and habits.

Cooperation with Lappeenranta Music Institute

The music classes work closely together with Lappeenranta Music Institute in teaching the basics of music, for example.

If a pupil receives a study place at Lappeenranta Music Institute in connection with the application, they will participate in the instruction of the Music Institute in the afternoons or evenings. As the pupils’ playing skills develop, the study programme will include ensemble playing in accordance with the curriculum of the Music Institute.


The music class is a secondary school place. The city does not arrange transport to a secondary school. A pupil selected for the music class cannot later apply for any other special emphasis group maintained by the City of Lappeenranta.

The selection criteria for the music class are the following:

  1. The pupil’s place of residence is Lappeenranta. If there is room in the group to be formed, pupils from other municipalities can also be admitted to the music class as long as they meet the other selection criteria.

  2. Results of the entrance exam organised by Lappeenranta Music Institute and Kimpisen koulu, which assesses the musicality of the pupil. Pupils who have previously been admitted to the Music Institute only participate in the section assessing ensemble playing, the singing sample and the interview. The candidate must receive an acceptable score (min. 10/20) in the ensemble playing section before they can be selected for the music class. Otherwise, the selection is based on the result of the entrance exam previously organised by the Music Institute. If more than 16 applicants are already students of the Music Institute, all parts of the entrance exam assessing musicality will be reorganised for all applicants (including those who have already passed the Music Institute’s entrance examination). In the application for the music class, the pupil’s score in the renewed exam is taken into account.

  3. If two or more pupils receive exactly the same score in the musicality test, the pupil with a higher score in the section assessing singing skills is primarily selected for the music class.

  4. If the pupils also receive exactly the same score in the section assessing singing skills, the pupil with a higher score in the ensemble playing section is primarily selected for the music class.

  5. A draw is held among pupils who receive the same score in the Music Institute’s entrance exam, the section assessing singing skills and the ensemble playing section if the score is at least the minimum score required for admission.


The application period for the music class is in the January of the second school year. Pupils take the entrance examination at the Music Institute in February. The exam includes various singing and rhythmic tasks and a group music section, which are used to assess the prerequisites for acquiring skills in different areas of music.

In Wilma, guardians are informed of the application for the music class and the pupil admission.

An information event will be held at the Lappeenranta Music Institute for guardians of pupils applying for the music class. The event will present the activities of the music classes and the Music Institute and provide more detailed information on the application for the music class and the entrance examination. The information event will be announced in Wilma.

Contact Lappeenranta Music Institute or the vice principal of Kimpisen koulu for more information.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

The guardians are responsible for the Music Institute’s tuition fees. Studying in the music class is free of charge.

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