Student welfare in general upper secondary education

Student welfare promotes and maintains students’ learning, mental and physical health and social well-being as well activities supporting them.

South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) is responsible for organising pupil and student health care in the city of Lappeenranta. The aim is to carry out student welfare either within the educational institution or on nearby premises.

The role of student welfare is largely to provide preventive community activity that supports the educational community. It is carried out by the entire staff of the educational institution. When additional examinations or treatment or corrective measures are needed, the student is referred to Eksote’s other services.

Student welfare groups of general upper secondary schools are responsible for the implementation of communal student welfare. Activities are planned, developed and evaluated in groups on a regular basis.

Student welfare services

Students have the right to individual student welfare, such as

  • services of the school social worker and psychologist
  • school and student health care
  • support of a multidisciplinary group assembled with the student and/or guardian to support the student.

A social worker with appropriate expertise is employed at each school.. You can turn to the school social worker when you have concerns about the well-being of a student, for example, due to a life change. The school social worker evaluates the student’s need for support and provides support and guidance to alleviate difficulties and promote well-being. The school social worker supports the student by, for example, discussing and referring the student and their family to additional support, if necessary.

Each school also employs a psychologist.. The psychologist supports the student’s learning and well-being as well as social and psychological abilities in cooperation with the support network. In addition to discussion, the psychologist conducts psychological assessments and examinations and refers the student to further examinations or rehabilitation if necessary.

Student health care services are delivered by a nurse and a doctor. As an expert in care work, the nurse is responsible for health counselling and health examinations and acts as the doctor’s work partner.

Use the service


You can contact the nurse, school doctor, school social worker or psychologist at your upper secondary school directly, either by telephone, by e-mail or via Wilma. The contact information is available in Wilma.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

Service background and legislation

As a general upper secondary education student, you are entitled to student welfare services. Student welfare services promote your physical, mental and social health and wellbeing, thus helping to support your studies and learning. Student welfare includes the services provided by public health nurses, psychologists and the social workers of your educational institution.

As a general upper secondary education student, you are entitled to student welfare services even if you are not a resident of the municipality where you are studying. Your education provider is responsible for organising student welfare services. The wellbeing services county where the educational institution is located is responsible for organising the necessary psychologist and social worker services in student welfare. The wellbeing services county must also provide students with psychologist and social worker services even when the education is provided by a private actor or the state, unless the education provider decides to provide these services on its own and at its own cost, in full or in part.