Address numbering, street and road names

Address marking

All inhabited properties, including leisure properties, must have an address that guides emergency and maintenance traffic and other traffic.

Address numbering

• In the detailed plan area, new plots receive an address in the plot subdivision phase. Corner plots receive addresses on both streets, and the addresses of the buildings are processed in connection with the building permit. It is a good idea to confirm the future address practice already at the planning stage of the buildings. • In a sparsely populated area, a building receives a new address at the building permit stage. The address of the building is determined by its distance from the beginning of the road. A road that leads to more than two inhabited properties usually gets its own road name. • An address item on an island gets the name of the island as the address name. The address number, on the other hand, is obtained by measuring the distance in metres from the southernmost tip of the island in a clockwise direction.


Check the address marking of your property

• The owner of the building must place an illuminated number or letter identifying the building and staircase in a place visible from the street, as decided by the municipality. • In detached house areas, the height of the address number should be at least 12 cm and it should stand out well from the background. The address marking must also guide emergency and maintenance traffic and other traffic to the property. • Within the plot, the addresses of houses, staircases and flats are determined by the building owner in cooperation with the building supervision authority.

Changing the address number

• The decision on the address number or changing it is made by an officeholder appointed by the city. • The authority will notify the rescue services, the registrar at the Local Register Office and the post office of new road names, address names and address numbers.

Other address matters

• Advice on other address and nomenclature matters is provided by the service point given on this website.

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