Languages offered in general upper secondary education

Diverse language skills and knowledge of foreign cultures acquired during general upper secondary school are useful in leisure, further studies and working life. Everyone benefits from versatile language skills, regardless of their educational background or occupation. In further studies in many fields, part of the exam literature and teaching is in foreign languages. When seeking employment, strong language skills are a clear differentiation factor from other applicants.

There are seven foreign languages available for general upper secondary school students:

  • A languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Russian
  • B1 language: Swedish
  • B2 languages: Spanish, French, German and Russian
  • B3 languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian The groups to be established are decided annually according to the subject choices. Language groups are formed either within one’s own upper secondary school or as joint groups of different upper secondary schools.


You can learn more about studying foreign languages from the teachers at your upper secondary school.

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