Boundary demonstration

The property owner or holder may order an indication of the position of the boundary if there is no dispute about the position of the boundary and it is not desired to officially stake it out with boundary markers again. The position of the boundary marker is indicated by wooden stakes. A boundary demonstration does not involve officially confirming the boundary or permanently marking it.

During the measurement, existing boundary markers are sought, their location coordinates are checked, and their locations, as well as the locations of lost boundary markers, are marked if the locations can be trusted.

In the case of boundary measurements, it must be noted that the City of Lappeenranta’s authority in sparsely populated areas is limited because areas outside the detailed plan areas are included in the National Land Survey of Finland’s register keeping areas. It may not be possible to locate the lost boundary markers in these areas due to inaccuracies in material and registers. In all unclear cases outside the detailed plan area, please primarily contact the customer service of the National Land Survey of Finland.

The plans in the area of the city of Lappeenranta can be checked on the City of Lappeenranta’s map service.

Use the service


The boundary demonstration can be ordered at the service location given on this website.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

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