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The City of Lappeenranta’s hobby grant for children and young people has changed so that the responsibility for awarding the grant has been transferred to clubs based in Lappeenranta.

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The organiser of the hobby must be a Lappeenranta-based registered club, association, organisation, foundation organising hobby activities or a unit that arranges basic education in arts that has a partnership agreement with the City of Lappeenranta. Information on the grants and assistance available should be actively shared with both existing hobbyists and potential new hobbyists. The organiser of the hobby also undertakes to use the city logo in the application process for grants. The organiser of the hobby is responsible for the application process and related data protection issues in accordance with the current legislation. The organiser of the hobby has the right to check the income information provided in the applicant’s application when necessary.

The clubs distribute the grant to a hobbyist whose municipality of residence is Lappeenranta and who is less than 18 years old. The hobbyist has a hobby or is about to begin a hobby in a registered club, organisation, association, foundation, or a unit that arranges basic education in arts that has an agreement with the city and is based in Lappeenranta. Assistance may be granted only for the costs related to the basic activities of one hobby/child/year. Basic hobby activities include weekly/regular attendance of children or young people in guided leisure activities. A hobby grant can be awarded for the payment of term, monthly or season fees based on actual expenses. The grant may not exceed €50/month/child or €600/year/child. The organiser of the hobby determines to whom the grant is awarded. The low-income calculator has been disabled. The low-income assessment can be based on an assessment of the need for assistance, for example due to unemployment, inability to work, single parenthood or other economic challenges. In 2020, the low-income threshold was €1,280/month in a single person’s household.

Invoicing has been agreed in the partnership agreement.


The City of Lappeenranta grants assistance to clubs, associations and foundations based in Lappeenranta with which it has agreements, but also to units organising basic education in arts to be distributed to children and young people under the age of 18 in Lappeenranta who find it difficult to start or continue a hobby due to the family’s tight finances.

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