PTV service locations

Advice related to the use of the city's forests Advisory service related to buying, selling and renting land plots Ahvenlampi beach Ahvenlampi fitness stairs Ahvenlampi fitness trail Ahvenlampi illuminated ski trail Airport fitness trail Airport illuminated ski trail Allotment service location Amis sports field Army Academy fitness trail Army Academy illuminated ski trail Cavalry Museum City of Lappeenranta Registry Office – City Hall Customer Service Centre Winkki – City Hall Field surveying and mapping services Haapajärvi ice hockey rink Harapainen grass field Hovinpelto sports field Huhtiniemi artificial snow track Huhtiniemi fitness stairs Huhtiniemi fitness trail Huhtiniemi floorball hall Huhtiniemi illuminated ski trail Huhtiniemi outdoor gym Hytti ice hockey rink Iitiä ice hockey rink Joutseno central ice skating area and artificial ice track Joutseno disc golf course Joutseno outdoor gym Joutseno school centre gym Joutseno school centre neighbourhood sports site Joutseno sports centre fitness stairs Joutseno Sports Centre ski trail Joutseno tennis court Joutsenohalli Joutsenohalli gym Juvakka sports field Kahilanniemi gym Kahilanniemi gymnastics hall Karhuvuori fitness trail Karhuvuori illuminated ski trail Karhuvuori outdoor gym Karhuvuori sports field Kasukkala fitness trail Kasukkala ice hockey rink Kasukkalan koulu primary school gym Kaukaan koulu primary school gym Kauriinkatu sports field Kesämäen koulu primary school gym Kesämäenrinteen koulu comprehensive school gym Kimpinen fitness trail Kimpinen ice skating area and artificial ice track Kimpinen outdoor gym Kimpinen sports centre Kimpinen tennis courts Kimpisen koulu comprehensive school dance gym Kimpisen lukio upper secondary school’s downstairs gym Kimpisen lukio upper secondary school’s upstairs gym Kisapuisto artificial ice track and rink Kisapuisto fitness trail Kisapuisto illuminated ski trail Kiukkaanlampi hiking trail Kivisalmi beach Kivisalmi sports field Kolmen sukupolven neighbourhood sports area in Joutseno centre Korkea-aho fitness trail Korkea-aho illuminated ski trail Korkea-aho sports field Korkkitehdas beach Korvenkylä ice hockey rink Korvenkylä outdoor gym Kourula ball sports hall Kourula outdoor gym Kourula sports field and rink Kourula tennis court Krisse youth centre Kuusimäki beach Lake Saimaa multi-use trail Lappeen koulu primary school gym Lappeen koulu primary school sports field Lappeenranta Art Museum Lappeenranta city archives Lappeenranta Region Environmental Office Registry Lappeenranta Region’s Environmental Office, Lappeenranta head office Lappeenranta Sports Building Lappeenranta Swimming Hall Lappeenranta Swimming Hall gym Lappeenranta Swimming Hall’s rental saunas Lauritsala fitness trail Lauritsala illuminated ski trail Lauritsala outdoor gym Lauritsala sports centre Lauritsala Swimming Hall Lauritsala Swimming Hall gym Lauritsala youth centre Lauritsalan koulu comprehensive school gym Lavolan koulu primary school gym Leiri outdoor gym Leppälä fitness trail Leppälä illuminated ski trail Liigahalli ice stadium Lohonjärvi beach Lönnrotin koulu primary school gym Louhenpuisto outdoor gym Lyseon lukio upper secondary school gym Lyytikkälä disc golf course Lyytikkälä fitness trail Lyytikkälä ice hockey rink Lyytikkälä illuminated ski trail Mälkiä sports field Map and geospatial data service Mattila beach Mattila fitness trail Mattila illuminated ski trail Mattila sports field and rink Monari youth centre Motocross and enduro tracks Murheistenranta beach Museum administration Mustola fitness trail Mustola illuminated ski trail Mustola sports field Myllymäen koulu primary school gym Myllymäki disc golf course Myllymäki illuminated ski trail Myllysaari beach Myllysaari public outdoor swimming pool’s ice swimming hole Myllysaari sauna Neighbourhood sports site of Kaukaan koulu primary school Neighbourhood sports site of Kimpinen sports field Neighbourhood sports site of Kimpisen koulu primary school Neighbourhood sports site of Korvenkylän koulu primary school Neighbourhood sports site of Lappeen koulu primary school Neighbourhood sports site of Lauritsala Koulukallionpuisto park Neighbourhood sports site of Myllysaari recreation area Neighbourhood sports site of Pontuksen koulu primary school and daycare centre Neighbourhood sports site of Voisalmen koulu primary school Neighbourhood sports sites of Kesämäen koulu schools Nomenclature and address service Nuijamaa outdoor gym Nuijamaan koulu primary school gym Nutikka ice hockey rink Nyrhilä fitness trail Nyrhilä illuminated ski trail Office of Russian-speaking special-needs teacher in early childhood education Ohjaamo Lappeenranta Pallo sports hall Pappilanniemi fitness trail Pappilanniemi illuminated ski trail Partala ice hockey rink Peltolan koulu primary school gym Perä-Hakali fitness trail Perä-Hakali illuminated ski trail Pontuksen koulu primary school gym Pontus sports field Pöyhiänniemi fitness trail Property formation and private road related service Pulp ice hockey rink Pulpin koulu primary school gym Racecourse sports fields Räihä fitness trail Räihä ice hockey rink Räihä illuminated ski trail Ratsumestari sports fields Rauha beach Rauha illuminated ski trail Ravattila sports field Repokivi fitness trail Rientola youth centre Rutola ice hockey rink Sammonlahti beach Sammonlahti disc golf course Sammonlahti sports fields Sammontori youth centre Sappula beach Savitaipale Rural Office Shooting ranges Simola fitness trail Simola ice hockey rink Simola illuminated ski trail Skinnarila outdoor gym Skinnarila padel court Skinnarilan koulu primary school gym Sorkki disc golf course South Karelia Immigrant Services, Imatra office South Karelia Immigrant Services, Lappeenranta Office Sports building ball games hall Sports building outdoor gym Tapsa grass field Tervahaudanpuisto park neighbourhood sports site The South Karelia Museum Training stadium Tykki sports field Tyysterniemi beach UK Arena Vainikkala fitness trail Vainikkala ice hockey rink Vainikkala illuminated ski trail Vainikkala outdoor gym Vanha sports field Vilkjärvi fitness trail Vilkjärvi illuminated ski trail Voisalmen koulu primary school gym Voisalmi artificial ice Voisalmi beach Voisalmi fitness trail Voisalmi illuminated ski trail Wolkoff House Museum Ylämaa gym Ylämaa illuminated ski trail Ylämaan koulu primary school gym Ylämaan koulu primary school ice hockey rink