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Huhtiniemi floorball hall

The City of Lappeenranta buys reservations from the privately owned Huhtiniemi floorball hall, Huhtari Arena. The hall has a full-scale and high-quality official game rink. The total capacity of the hall is 430 people. There are about 200 seats for spectators, as well as changing rooms, showers, sauna facilities and toilet facilities. For meetings, you can reserve Huhtiniemi’s announcer’s booth, which has room for about 15 people.

You can ask about and make reservations from the Sports Department’s facility reservations unit by phone or email or with the electronic application. Recurring reservations are applied for from the Sports Department on a seasonal basis at a separately determined time with a separate application form.

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Pelitie 36
53810 Lappeenranta
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