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The city archives provide information on documents related to the operations of the city and the municipalities merged with it, as well as on the archives of civic organisations, small businesses and individual persons included in the regional archives. You can visit the city archives during its opening hours or by agreement. You do not need an appointment. The documents are available for on-site viewing at no charge. Copies and demanding information retrieval may be charged according to the price list.

The regional archives must be connected to Lappeenranta. The aim is that the regional archives enrich the opportunities to explore the history of Lappeenranta. For this reason, we do not accept materials from national associations, for example, except in the case of a local organisation. The documents stored in the regional archives must be freely available to the customers of the city archives. Restrictions on the use of the material can only be imposed in exceptional cases, for example if the material contains health information. Restrictions on use are decided by the records management manager. When documents are handed over to the city archives, their ownership is transferred to the city archives and a written handover agreement is made.

The materials of the regional archives are stored permanently in the city archives. Documents that are stored permanently include documents produced by the association itself. We do not accept materials to be stored for a limited period, such as bank statements, vouchers or circulars. The person handing over an archive must remove such material from the archive before it is handed over or give the city archives the permission to destroy any material that the city archives do not consider worthy of permanent storage.

The city archives do not accept printed publications, such as books or magazines, unless they are the association’s own publications. The material to be handed over to the city archives must be in a tidy condition. We do not accept, for example, mouldy or otherwise dirty materials. The material should be in some sort of order. Plastic pockets, rubber bands and paper clips must be removed from the material. Staples do not need to be removed. Before contacting us, please provide an estimate of the amount of material to be handed over. In the archives, the amount of material is estimated in shelf metres.

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Kehruuhuoneenkuja 6
53900 Lappeenranta
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