Religion and worldview studies in general upper secondary education

Religion is taught in conformity with the religious community to which the majority of the students belong. This means that the schools of Lappeenranta teach Evangelical-Lutheran religion. All other students can also participate in the religious education if they wish. The schools of Lappeenranta also provide members of the Orthodox congregation with education in accordance with their own religion.

Students belonging to congregations other than the Evangelical-Lutheran or Orthodox congregation who do not attend the aforementioned religious education are provided with education in accordance with their own religion if at least three students belonging to the same community so request.

Students who do not belong to any religious community and do not attend religious education are taught ethics. Students who belong to a religious community and are not provided with education in their own religion are taught ethics at their request. The teaching group must have at least three students.


Contact the guidance counsellor or principal of your upper secondary school for more information on religion and worldview studies.

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