Local detailed planning process

The City of Lappeenranta draws up a local detailed plan for the detailed arrangement of land use, construction and development. The local detailed plan identifies areas for different uses and steers construction and other land use.

The local detailed plan is presented on a map and is accompanied by a participation and assessment scheme, a report and an illustration. You can follow plan projects on the City of Lappeenranta’s website. Ongoing plan projects can be influenced at different stages of planning. In its official announcements, the city describes the steps during which you can influence plans.

The initiative for drawing up or amending a plan is made by the landowner. When a local detailed plan is drawn up, the national land use objectives, regional plans, local master plans and the city’s strategy are taken into account.

Use the service


The City announces the initiation of the planning process on the City’s website, in a newspaper, by letter or during the annual planning review. The plan announcement indicates the period during which you can influence the content of the plan.

The participation and assessment scheme is drawn up at an early stage of the planning process. It provides basic information about the plan (what is being planned and where), interaction procedures, impact assessments, the course and schedule of the plan process and the contact persons. Interested parties are informed about how they can participate in the preparation of the planning. You can also influence the participation and assessment scheme.

Interested parties may comment on the draft plan during preliminary consultation. Interested parties may be neighbours, landowners or those on whose living, working or other conditions the plan may have an impact. Address your opinion in writing to the City Registry Office.

During the proposal phase, plans are presented in public for either 14 or 30 days. The city gives notice in the paper it uses for announcements and on the city notice board. During the announcement period, you can make specific suggestions for changes (objections) to the content of the plan and have them discussed. Address your objection in writing to the City Registry Office.

All those whose lives or interests are affected by local detailed planning have the right to take part and have a say in the process.


The municipality gives instructions to those who want to influence the local detailed planning process.

In Lappeenranta, the method of communicating plan projects is chosen based on the scope and other characteristics of the case. Information is provided in a clear and illustrative manner, so that you can assess the significance of the project. You can find participation and assessment schemes, plan maps and plan reports at Lappeenranta City Hall at the Customer Service Centre Winkki and on the City of Lappeenranta’s website. If necessary, the city organises public and participatory events during the preparation of the plan.

Submit your opinion in writing to the City Registry Office. You can appeal against a plan decision in accordance with the appeal instructions of the decision.

Service background and legislation

A local detailed plan is a detailed description of what will be built in a particular area and how the area will otherwise be used. A building may not be constructed in a manner that is in violation of the local detailed plan. Municipalities are responsible for drawing up local detailed plans in their own areas. The local detailed plan is approved by the local council, but the council’s authority may also be delegated in the standing orders to the municipal board or to a committee. Municipalities must review the local detailed plans on a regular basis and update them, as necessary. The names of streets, parks, recreational areas and squares are verified in the local detailed plan.

The local authority may impose a building prohibition in an area concerning which a local detailed plan is being drafted or amended. The building prohibition is in force for a maximum period of two years. While the plan remains incomplete, the local authority may extend the term by a maximum of two years at a time.

Local detailed planning can be influenced by making an initiative for planning or submitting an opinion on the plan currently under preparation. If the proposed plan impacts a resident's living or working, the resident has the right to submit a written notice on the plan proposal that is up for public viewing. Residents have the right to lodge a municipal appeal against the decision to confirm the plan.