Textile printing in Dream Corner at the ”Patterns on Textile” workshop in May.

PUBLISHED 5/6/2024, 15:37

Painted bag.

As part of Lappeenranta’s Dream Year of Culture 2024, a workshop focusing on textile printing will be held at IsoKristiina’s Dream Corner on May 27.-30. at 15:00-16:30.

-The workshop is for anyone interested in textile printing, no previous experience is necessary. Interest in the subject and creative work is enough," says Kirsi Reilin, a university intern at the Lappeenranta’s Dream Year of Culture.

- In the "Patterns on Textile" workshops, participants will try out different textile printing techniques and working methods to create a new look for textiles.

Participants can bring their own textiles made from natural fibres for textile printing. Each participant will also have a tote bag to decorate during the workshops. Participants will receive more detailed instructions upon enrollment.

The workshops are open to all and are free of charge for participants. Those who register will participate in a full four-day workshop, with a different printing technique being tried out each day. The workshops will be facilitated by Kirsi Reilin, textile artisan and Lappeenranta’s Dream Year of Culture university intern. Pre-registration to the instructor by May 24th by email kirsi.reilin@lappeenranta.fi or by phone 040 759 4385.

To the Dream Year of Culture, the principles of Safer Space are followed in related events.

Additional information:

Lappeenranta’s Dream Year of Culture 2024
University intern Kirsi Reilin
Tel: 0407594385