Lappeenranta celebrates throughout August – preliminary program for festival-themed celebration weeks released

PUBLISHED 5/9/2024, 07:14

Ihmisiä satamassa.

This year marks the 375th anniversary of the city of Lappeenranta, and in honor of this milestone, the residents of Lappeenranta and visitors alike can enjoy a program of celebration weeks throughout the entire month of August. During these celebration weeks, Lappeenranta's local expertise, spirit of collaboration, and pride in the community are honored and proudly showcased.

The festival-themed celebration weeks, primarily held in the fortress and harbor area, offer a diverse range of activities, and the preliminary program has now been unveiled. The festivities kick off with competitions as Finland's strongest men and women compete for this year's titles at Katariina Square on August 3rd–4th.

The weeks continue with performances by familiar local artists, events, and a variety of music genres on August 7th when Jouni Hynynen and Antti Hyyrynen take the stage at the harbor square for RakuunaRock.

The main day of Lappeenranta's 375th birthday celebrations is on August 10th in the fortress. Riikka Hjelt, Event Production Coordinator, expresses excitement about the program for the celebration day.

- The program for the celebration day is designed with the idea that everyone will surely find something of interest – there's plenty to choose from. There will be lots of dance, theater, and well-known performers, such as Kolmas Nainen, Isaac Sene, and the Lappeenranta-born Nuppu Oinas.

Following the celebration day on August 11th, there will be a focus on the world of cinema. In honor of the celebration weeks,  Lappeenranta the Dream Year of Culture will offer three free film screenings on August 11th in the festival tent at the fortress.

The Kumaus Festival, which shook up the domestic festival scene for the first time in 2019, is part of the celebration weeks this year, offering art music surprises for the audience in Lappeenranta from August 14th–18th.

The traditions of Finland's candy capital are not forgotten during the celebration weeks. The whole family can enjoy sweet treats at Marianne's birthday celebration on August 15th at Pusupuisto. In collaboration with Fazer, the event will feature programs throughout Pusupuisto and on the summer theater stage. The event will also include food vendors and café services reminiscent of Restaurant Day.

The city's 375th anniversary celebrations also include Wine Festivals. The event will be held on August 15th–16th in the fortress.

LPRHC Fest, which focuses on punk, hardcore, and alternative music and enjoys nationwide popularity, will be held this year as a one-day event on August 17th in the fortress. The program will feature a mix of punk, hardcore, spoken word, and small surprises, including a comeback performance by the local legend Kyre & Duunarit.

The celebration weeks will conclude with the familiar summer closing event for the residents of Lappeenranta and friends of the city, Sataman Valot (Harbor Lights), which will be held this year for two days instead of one on August 30th–31st.

According to Riikka Hjelt, there may still be additions to the program for the celebration weeks during late spring and early summer.

- The city will communicate any additional program updates and provide more detailed information about the events closer to the celebration weeks. The program for the celebration weeks can also be found at https://lappeenranta.fi/en/events/lappeenranta-375th-anniversary 

The celebrations are organized together

The Lappeenranta 375 celebrations are organized together with local stakeholders, which is reflected in the program and activity points in the area, as well as in the event's partners.

- We want the whole of Lappeenranta to come alive during the Celebration Week and for visitors to join in the anniversary festivities alongside Lappeenranta residents. We are also promoting the celebration offerings with GoSaimaa and VisitFinland to audiences beyond the local community.

- The city is responding to the demand for festivals in the area and providing a stage and event infrastructure for the events of its partners, says Mirka Rahman, the city’s Director of Tourism, Marketing and Customer Service.

Partners of the celebration weeks include, among others, OP Kaakkois-Suomi and Lappeenrannan Energia.

- We are happy to join the celebration of the 375th jubilee year and participate in arranging the festive concerts held at the Fortress with free admission for all tourists and local residents. The vitality of our region is extremely important to us, which is why we are actively involved in supporting local events to make this a good and comfortable place for people to live in – and visit, says Anna-Leena Kaarna Communications Manager for OP Kaakkois-Suomi.

Customer Relationship and Digital Services Manager Sami Pesonen from Lappeenrannan Energia is also delighted about the cooperation.

- For us at Lappeenrannan Energia, it’s important to promote the vitality of the region of South Karelia as a whole in a wide variety of ways, together with different interest groups, and do our part in creating even better conditions for the wellbeing of the residents of the area as well as diverse tourism. The partnership with the Lappeenranta 375 Celebration Week supports this development.

- It’s great that the City of Lappeenranta is building a diverse programme for the Lappeenranta 375 Celebration Week with several different actors. Lappeenranta has a wonderful setting for creating summer events to support the development of tourism in the area, too.

For further information:

Mirka Rahman, Director of Tourism, Marketing and Customer Service
tel. +358 (0)40 849 9161, mirka.rahman@lappeenranta.fi

Riikka Hjelt, Event Production Coordinator
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