Bring your art to Maria square for display! The ITE art day brings art made by the townspeople to Maria square

PUBLISHED 4/11/2024, 12:04

Painted pieces of wood that are shaped like birds.

ITE art day is celebrated on June 15 at Maria Square from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

It is now planned to create a low-threshold ITE artwork environment for a day in Maria Square, where art made by the townspeople can be displayed. We are looking for exhibitors and performers of their own art for the event. We encourage all - poets, crafters, craft enthusiasts, singers in the shower, nibblers, and painters to sign up. So, anyone can register for the ITE art day.

The art presented can also be anything - paintings, photographs, handicrafts, sculptures, or installations. Performing arts can be reciting poems, telling stories, singing, making music, or performance art. The idea of ​​the ITE art day is to get the townspeople to boldly bring out their own creativity. So, you don't have to be a professional artist or performer - on the contrary.


Register for the event by sending an email to tuulia.ahokas@lappeenranta.fi.

Tell us if you would like to exhibit art or perform, and include the following information in your message:


Art exhibitors: Description of the artwork(s) to be displayed

- Space requirements e.g. 1m x 1m

- I would like a covered tent: yes/no

- I hope for a table: yes/no

- Image of the artwork(s)



- Description of the performance

- I need a sound system and a microphone to perform: yes/no

- Duration of the performance and desired performance time.


Please note that this event is not a sales event but is intended to showcase a variety of art. The event will follow the principles of Safer Space. A few tables and tents will be available at the event. Otherwise, those bringing art will bring their own furniture, racks and supplies for display. There is a weather contingency for the event.