Seven art benches as a part of Lappeenranta's Dream Year of Culture 2024 – Experience art benches around the city in summer

PUBLISHED 6/25/2024, 10:44

Bench painted in different colors of animals.

Art benches are art in the middle of everyday life. Art benches are meeting places that reflect being and doing together. The Dream Year of Culture wants to use the benches to bring art closer to the people of the city and thus lower the threshold for encountering art.

You can admire the benches throughout the city throughout the summer. You can experience the benches in Voisalmi, Ylämaa, Skinnarila, Lauritsala, Joutseno and Satama.

The art benches will be implemented in cooperation with LAB University of Applied Sciences visual art students, the Lappeenranta Art School and the City Planning Department. The art benches are park benches that will be provided by the city's garden and park department. The art benches will be placed by the Transport and Maintenance Department in Joutseno, Voisalmi, Ylämaa, Skinnarila, Lauritsala and Satama.

Additional information:

Anni Pellikka, Kulttuurin unelmavuoden hankekoordinaattori
Tel. 0405590710, anni.pellikka@lappeenranta.fi
(Available until 28.6. and from  22.7. )

Tuulia Ahokas, Kulttuurin unelmavuoden hankekoordinaattori
Tel. 0408440252, tuulia.ahokas@lappeenranta.fi