Open Call! Be part of the look of the Dream Year of Culture

PUBLISHED 7/24/2023, 15:54

In 2024, Lappeenranta will celebrate the Dream Year of Culture, which will look like the people of Lappeenranta. Residents' wishes have been widely consulted and will be taken into account in the planning of the Dream Year.

We are already making one dream come true by inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to a marketing photo session on 26 August at 18:00 in Halkosaari. “Sataman valot” event is running at the same time.

The idea for the photo came from a dream:

- There could be an art work about people, a momentary one, where there are different colours of clothes and different sizes of people and they form a pattern. Something community-based, where the people of the city could participate.

Nelly Hakkarainen, the project coordinator of the Year of Culture, will instruct the group on creative movement tasks. But you don't need any special skills, just come as you are! The idea is that you dress in one basic colour (red, yellow, blue, green, white or black), avoiding visible logos. It is also possible to join the photoshoot in a wheelchair.

Sign up here by 25 August and invite your friends!