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4/8/2021 12:20 PM

Renewed Lappeenranta Sandcastle to open in June – plans include a Weekly Programme of Activities

The Lappeenranta Sandcastle will open on 5 June. This summer, the Sandcastle’s sculptures will showcase the history and development of various games and play activities. The sculpture themes range from board to role-playing games as well as from early electronic games to today’s mobile games.

Hiekkalinna-veistos vuodelta 2015_kuva Minna Kivistö Lpr kaupunki 468x312.JPGThe Sandcastle is transformed into a more diverse tourism hub through strong business cooperation. A bouncy castle park produced by Coinline Oy, the Sandcastle’s new partner, is being built in the vicinity of the sand sculptures. The park will include several bouncy castles, a giant trampoline, an arcade, a carousel, and a train track. The city’s Green Leaf theme year will also be visible in the Sandcastle area.  

The street train will once again be introducing the city to people, starting and returning to the Sandcastle. Further, there are walking location tours of the TV series Bordertown as well as tours of the Old Town Hall also available. Tickets for both the street train and tours can be purchased from the Sandcastle’s tourist information office. You can also book a tour spot in the Lakeland Experiences service.

The Sandcastle’s equipment rental, in turn, is managed by rental service point of Saimaa Naturally and DrakkarSport, located next to the Sandcastle area. As usual, equipment available for rental includes row boats, kayaks, SUP boards and various bikes, among other things.

Those wanting to explore local nature will also be pampered from 28 June to 15 August with a new, guaranteed weekly programme of various activities compiled by Saimaa Naturally.

Teemu Virtanen from Saimaa Naturally says that the weekly programme includes guided and diverse activities in the Lappeenranta area, produced in cooperation with the region’s tourism operators.

“The idea for the weekly programme came from customers’ wishes. In previous summers, we have received several inquiries about guided activities that can be attended without a larger group.”

Melontaa Hiekkalinnan alueen edustalla_kuva DRAKKARsport 468x312.JPG“You can participate in the activities of the weekly programme alone or with family or friends, for example. The activities do not have a minimum number of participants, but are carried out even if there is only one participant.”

The activities of the weekly programme include canoeing, SUP boarding, excursions to collect wild foods, exploring the Salpa Line and e-biking in two different ways.

The combined canoeing-floating sauna tours, familiar from previous years, will continue alongside the weekly programme.

“The floating sauna-canoeing activities are more clearly intended for corporate groups or other similar larger teams. The idea is to paddle from the harbour to the floating sauna, already warm and awaiting on the open lake”, Virtanen explains.

The weekly programme is available on the Saimaa Naturally website where you can also book and pay for activities.

The Sandcastle and its auxiliary services are provided in a COVID-safe manner in accordance with the prevailing situation in the summer.

Renewal of Sandcastle to better serve tourism

Domestic tourism will be in a strong demand this coming summer, Mirka Rahman, Director of Tourism, Marketing and Customer Service at the City of Lappeenranta, says that the renewed Sandcastle aims to specifically serve domestic tourists but also hopefully international visitors this year.

“The bouncy castle park and especially the guaranteed weekly programme will be main tourist attractions. The weekly programme in particular offers easily accessible and low-threshold experiences for both individual tourists and locals.”

Rahman is pleased with the more systematic business cooperation as well as Saimaa Naturally’s new tour operator status and active approach in bring activity services together.

“The new functions will make the top tourism marketing destination, the Harbour and Fortress area, even more interesting. Now tourist information can focus on advising visitors and entrepreneurs on producing services.”

Soutuveneilyä_kuva DRAKKARsport 466x396.jpg“Digitalisation alone does not solve everything in sales promotion. Especially during these special times, customer service is emphasised and both domestic and foreign tour operators need a responsible tour operator as a partner. Our goal is to bring visitors safely to nature, and I hope that the business cooperation network put together by Saimaa Naturally will grow to an even wider area.”

Thanks to the reforms, Rahman and Teemu Virtanen from Saimaan Palju are looking forward to a busy summer of tourism.

“Domestic tourism will definitely be on the rise and the Saimaa region will attract tourists. After all, Saimaa is one of the finest lake areas in the world, offering something to see and experience for just about everyone, and this summer there are several different options available for experiencing Lake Saimaa”, Virtanen says.

Further information:

City of Lappeenranta, Director of Tourism, Marketing and Customer Service Mirka Rahman
tel. +358 40 849 9161, mirka.rahman(at)lappeenranta.fi

Saimaan Palju, Teemu Virtanen
tel. +358 40 5880 738, teemu(at)saimaanpalju.fi

Sandcastle website: https://www.visitlappeenranta.fi/en/Experience/Sandcastle
Weekly programme of activities: https://www.saimaanaturally.com/

Bouncy castle park: