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8/8/2019 1:14 PM

Lappeenranta is promoting growth of green technology and service companies together with Helsinki and Saint Petersburg

City of Lappeenranta has joint to the project, which supports international networking of companies. In the beginng of June the City has started to lead Cata3Pult project, which partners include Green Net Finland business network form Helsinki region, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, St. Petersburg Clean tech network and Environmental office Kosmos from St. Petersburg.

The City is warmly welcoming companies to join the new cooperation project to develop and the growth of the company and internationalize, project manager Terhi Jantunen is telling.

− Surveying market potential of St. Petersburg and Helsinki region together with professional partners can open up new business possibilities and help growth seeking companies in the way of internationalization.

The project aims to develop and test efficient cross-border business models. In the same time project improves the growth, internationalization and business conditions of SMEs, especially working in the energy and environmental technology business fields.

Useful connections to Finnish companies in St. Petersburg

Participation to international business network improves awareness of South Karelian companies and enables enlargement networking to both Helsinki region and St. Petersburg. The companies will get current information about business possibilities of St. Petersburg market and direct connections to private and public clients, environmental director Ilkka Räsänen says.

− The companies will get possibilities to develop solutions together with companies from other regions and demonstrate the solutions. Companies from St. Petersburg have also interesting know-how and practices with “Russian twist” to present to the others.

The companies who participate in the project are allowed to join public-private-partnerships (PPP), which are targeted to development of solutions for eco and energe efficiency, green transport and logistics and circular economy. We welcome companies to participate the events and expert groups, Terhi Jantunen emphasizes.

− Themes are green and smart transportation, circular economy and energy efficiency of premises and waste management. Actions will start in August-September after summer vacation period.

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City of Lappeenranta

Project Manager
Terhi Jantunen
+358 40 5305958, terhi.jantunen(at)lappeenranta.fi

Environmental Director
Ilkka Räsänen
+358 40 0815284, Ilkka.rasanen(at)Lappeenranta.fi

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