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1/24/2019 3:00 PM

Lappeenranta celebrates 370 years

Jubilee year a central theme at tourist destinations, a week of celebrations in early September

LPR-370-juhlalogo-RGB-väri_383x266.jpgIn 2019, the City of Lappeenranta celebrates its 370 years. At tourist destinations, the jubilee year is a central theme. For example, at Finland’s largest sandcastle that will be built for the summer season on the fortress headland, sand will be used to create events, human figures and phenomena that depict the 370-year history of the city, and exhibitions in the city museums will display pictures and landscapes from Lappeenranta’s past.

The jubilee year will be visible throughout the year at city events. In addition, residents and tourists will be treated to surprises appearing during the year in the city, leaving a permanent memory.

The celebrations will culminate in the festival held during the first week of September, with a head start on 29 August with the city’s Open House event and the Greenreality Carnival, as well as the Sataman valot (Harbour Lights) on 31 August. The Lappeenranta Ballet Gala will also be held at the start of the festival on 30 − 31 August.

The main event of the Lappeenranta Jubilee Year will be the Fortress Lights at the end of the festival week on 7 September. It is a free event open for everyone. The Fortress Lights is an event for everyone. We welcome families with children, teenagers, adults and older people to come and enjoy a Saturday packed with events from the morning until the night.
The highlight of the Fortress Lights will be the Grand Gala Concert - Lappeenranta 370 Years with the Lappeenranta City Orchestra and the Dragoon Military Band.

The Finnish Athletics Championships, known as the Kaleva Games 2019, held on 1−4 August at the Kimpinen Sports Centre in Lappeenranta, will be the city’s main sporting event during the jubilee year.

Capture yourself in the scenes of Lappeenranta

Alina Kujansivu, the Communications Director at the City of Lappeenranta, is encouraging all residents and visitors in the Lappeenranta region to take part in the celebrations. For example, there are plans to create social media channels for posting images of the jubilee year or capturing yourself in the scenes of Lappeenranta.

Lappeenranta’s international twin cities have also been invited to participate in the jubilee year celebrations. Performances that reflect the traditions and local culture of the twin cities are planned for the festival week.

This is truly a year of celebrations, as the city is joined in celebrations by the Lappeenranta City Orchestra with 110 years, and the Lappeenranta City Theatre with 70 years. A jubilee concert will be held on 5 September in Lappeenranta Hall.

Images and memories from Lappeenranta’s past in museums

South Karelia Museum and Art Museum are both offering you a chance to look back at the Lappeenranta of the past.

The exhibition entitled On the Shore of Lake Saimaa in Lappeenranta Art Museum will be open from 18 May until the beginning of November. The exhibition will focus on the landscapes around Lappeenranta. At the same time, an exhibition entitled Watch Out will open at the Art Museum. This exhibition will display cityscapes by the pupils of Lappeenranta Art School until mid-September.

At South Karelia Museum, an exhibition entitled It was nice to see you, we hope you’ll come again will open from 19 October this year until March 2020, displaying photographs from Lappeenranta since the 1950s.

Information on the events of the jubilee year will be complemented and updated on the City Of Lappeenranta website www.lappeenranta.fi as the year progresses.

The climate capital of Finland, international university city and tourist destination

Queen Christina of Sweden issued a seal and charter for the foundation of Lappeenranta in 1649. Initially, Lappeenranta was built on the old town, the fortress. From there, it has expanded into its current dimensions as the central city of the province of South Karelia.

On its 370 jubilee year, Lappeenranta, with its 73,000 inhabitants, is the climate capital of Finland and an international university city and tourist destination. Lappeenranta is extremely easy to reach, thanks to its international airport. The clean environment and pleasant residential areas are highly valued in this city on the shores of Lake Saimaa.