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3/31/2021 3:58 PM

Eksote has taken into use the FINENTRY service that instructs persons who travel to Finland during the coronavirus pandemic

The South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) took into use the FINENTRY service on 30 March 2021. Starting on 30 March 2021, persons who arrive in South Karelia from abroad will receive up-to-date operating instructions and situation-specific instructions for coronavirus testing through FINENTRY. 

In the FINENTRY service, travellers can check instructions for travelling to Finland before or during their journey, book a coronavirus test in Finland, and receive instructions for arriving to the test, as well as the result of the test, via SMS.

The service is updated based on the instructions provided by Finnish authorities, which makes it easier to provide up-to-date instructions and to translate updated information into various languages. The service is also available in Russian. The use of the browser-based service is voluntary and free of charge.

The FINENTRY service takes account of different passenger groups, such as Finns who return to Finland from abroad and people who travel to Finland due to work, studies, or some other reason.

ꟷ The service makes crossing the border quicker and also saves the resources of professionals in health instructing services and in directing people towards coronavirus testing, says Virpi Aralinna, who is responsible for Eksote’s health instructing point at the Nuijamaa border-crossing point.

It is recommended that passengers who do not live in Finland take a coronavirus test less than 72 hours before arriving in Finland. A second test can be taken in Finland 72 hours after arrival, at the earliest. It is very important that the testing of passengers is monitored. FINENTRY makes the monitoring and the booking of the second COVID-19 test easier. Passengers who will stay in the South Karelia Region will be directed to a coronavirus test at Pihlajalinna, either in Imatra or Lappeenranta. Passengers who continue to some other location within Finland must book a coronavirus test in their city of destination within 72 hours after their arrival in Finland. If the city of destination does not use FINENTRY, the passenger must book the test through the local health authority.

The technology of the service is provided by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS).

Further Information: www.finentry.fi/en/  

Restrictions applied to travelling to Finland: https://raja.fi/en/covid19-info