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3/31/2020 1:30 PM

City bike season starts in Lappeenranta

Last year saw the launch of city bikes in Lappeenranta, and now the bikes have returned to the streets. Bikes are available around the city. Lappeenranta has some 20 city bike stations.

Kaupunkipyörät satamassa_370x246.jpgIn order to use the service, you must have the Donkey Republic mobile app installed on either an Android or iOS device. The application’s map shows you the locations of the bike stations and the number of available bikes at any given moment. To rent a bike, you have to press on the station from which you want to rent a bike and choose the number of bikes. For more information on the practices and stations, go to https://visitlappeenranta.fi/en/Experience/Lappeenranta-city-bikes

The rental prices are the same as in 2019. You can find the price list on the website of our partner KaaKau. However, this year you can purchase a season pass that normally costs €45 for the early bird price of €30. The offer is valid until the end of May.

When cycling, you must take into consideration the coronavirus situation and related instructions on, for example, safety distances and avoiding close contacts.

KaaKau pays special attention to cleaning the bikes.

- We also encourage cyclists to wash their hands carefully and wear gloves when cycling and, if possible, disinfect the surfaces of their phones.

The website of the South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas offers tips on good routes.